A little work

In light of my “Getting To Work” post… I’ve started to get to work.

I happen to be at the KR Training ranch today, so I did a little range work.

Started with Rangemaster Bullseye. Wasn’t worth recording the scores. Basically, I know I can shoot at least a 270 (90%), and so if I don’t, I’m not going to bother recording the score. But I will take notes on my performance. Here it was pretty simple: both runs, just continue to work at 15 and 25 yards. I also found myself shooting high at 15 (and always 15 for some odd reason). Sight picture issues for sure.

After a couple runs of that, I did 2 runs of the “3 Seconds or Less” drill. First was just to change gears and clean it. Second was to not worry about points or score but to use it as some particular shooting strings and push myself faster to see what falls apart. I made some good times, but also got C-zone hits. Still, it was enlightening.

Then I ran Rangemaster Core Skills a couple times. Shot over 100 score each time, but each run had its issues. I made good time the first run but a lot of C-zone hits. Worse time next run, but better accuracy.

Big things I saw:

  • I am getting better at one-handed shooting – better than I think I can do, so I need to just keep doing this to build confidence at faster speeds.
  • I need to get better at “fast” shooting at distances, like 7-15 yards.

I spoke with Karl. His suggestion was because I can shoot fast (e.g. 0.1x second splits at 3 yards) that I do have the physical ability to run the trigger fast. So that’s not a problem. That I should do a bunch of shooting at 3 yards to really learn the rhythm of 0.2 second splits. While doing this, just “watch the movie” – just keep watching the front sight, really working to keep your eyes open, and just taking in what the eyes are seeing, learning that information. Then back up to 4 yards and run 0.2x splits and all A-zone hits. After that is determined solid, back up to 5 yards, and repeat. Just keep doing this until the wheels start to fall off (e.g. when you get D-zone hits), then maybe back up a bit (to the point where you were getting C-zones) and start to figure out what’s going on and work at that point until you are getting A’s. Then back up another yard, and just keep going.

While there’s still lots of things for me to do (15+ yard accuracy, reloads, etc.), this is identifying something that’s been something I’ve been seeing since this summer but only now am quantifying it as something to focus on.

More work.