2016-06-30 training log

Another good day.

Deadlifts went really well. I’m finding my groove again — and it’s a different groove than before, but I believe a better groove.

The 1+ set went mostly well. Around rep 8 my left knee opted to feel weird and buckled a bit — it’s whatever’s wrong with that knee, acting up. I took a few seconds pause then kept going. I hit 10 and shut it down. Very happy with hitting 10 reps, but the knee made me nervous. I still did my front squats but had reserves and was going to watch it, just in case. No problems tho.

I also realized afterwards that I did it all overhand grip. Usually when I get to my heaviest sets I go mixed grip whether I need it or not, to ensure I’m used to that positioning. But I’ve been doing other sorts of deadlifting for so long now and always overhand grip it that I just did that again here without a thought. I was really happy about how smoothly that went. I’ll of course stick with overhanding it as much as possible because getting stronger.

Most everything else went well, but I did make a change. I am stepping away from Good Mornings. They wind up putting some odd pressure on some cervical vertebrae, and I always wind up bruised there. I’ve got enough neck issues, I don’t really need to risk anything here. I would like to try to find a solution (maybe some really good pads?). But instead, I just did some leg curls. I saw something from Charles Polquin about varying leg curls by having the feet in flexion vs. extension. I realized some time ago that if I start flexing my feet then the movement is a lot easier, so I’ve been doing them in extension. I find I get more out of the movement with extension, but opted to try today in explicit flexion to see how it would go. Well, the muscles on the front of my shins got a good burn from the isometric hold, I cranked through the reps just fine, but the reps just weren’t as quality – that tension causes me to cut the range of movement short. I may play with it a time or two again before I shelve it.

Then for the glute bridges I put my feet up on a bench. Man, I was really feeling it in my hamstrings, especially after the work I had just given them. Quite interesting. I am going to progress on to the elevated feet and doing it one leg at a time, but who knows… this might actually prove to be a useful thing for me.

All in all, really good. Looking forward to Pressing tomorrow, and then kicking right back into the next cycle with no deload. Huzzah.

Music today: Amon Amarth, “Jomsviking” and “Deceiver of the Gods”.

5/3/1 Simplest Strength Template

  • Deadlift
    • 135 x 5
    • 160 x 5
    • 190 x 3
    • 240 x 5
    • 270 x 3
    • 305 x 10 (10RM PR)
  • Front Squat
    • 145 x 5
    • 165 x 5
    • 185 x 5
  • Leg Curls
    • 30 x 20
    • 30 x 20
    • 30 x 30
  • Glute Bridges (feet elevated)
    • BW x 15
    • BW x 15
    • BW x 15
  • Crunches (superset with the bridges)
    • BW x 15
    • BW x 15
    • BW x 15