Lessons from the Texas Salsa Fight

There’s video going around about a fight that broke out at a Mexican restaurant, apparently over salsa.

This is apparently the original video/posting.

There’s a few important lessons we can learn from this video in terms of keeping yourself safe.

First, bad things can happen around you, suddenly, without warning, and without your direct involvement. Yet, you’ll be affected. It’s important to admit and acknowledge this reality of life.

Second, don’t worry about WHY something is happening. It’s very natural that the first thing to pop into your head is trying to figure out WHY this bad thing is happening. Trouble is, it will consume you, you won’t be able to come up with an answer, so it will continue to consume you. Meantime, the bad thing continues to happen and you continue to be at risk. You can think about WHY later on; right now, you need to do all you can to respond to the situation and make yourself safe. Put this into practice in your daily life. It’s difficult at first, but the way to do it is when things happen, if you find yourself asking “why it this happening?”, recognize you’re asking why, defer asking why until later, and shift gears to deal with the immediate situation.

Third, every time you walk into somewhere, identify all the exits. There were two obvious exits in the restaurant, but both were blocked by people fighting. You know where there’s another exit? Through the kitchen. Yeah fine, the kitchen is “off limits”, but in a case like this? I’m heading for the kitchen and out the back door. People backed away and felt trapped because they couldn’t get to the obvious exits. So be sure to identify all possible exits.

Fourth, this is not a time to get involved. In a case like this? My choice is to leave immediately. Head for the back, head for a non-blocked exit, and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. Once I’m out and safe, call the police. Even if I got somehow “involved” (e.g. I got hit by a flying chair), I cannot let that draw me into this bad (and stupid) situation — this is not my fight, this is not a good thing, this is not something I want to be involved in, this is not something worth dying over or going to jail over when the cops show up.

Make these decisions ahead of time. Have your plan NOW, so when stupid shit like this erupts suddenly and unexpectedly and you find yourself caught up in it, you can proceed in a manner that maximizes your safety.

3 thoughts on “Lessons from the Texas Salsa Fight

  1. You do know the real reason this fight started yes?

    They found out the salsa was made in NEW YORK CITY! 😉

    (I’m sorry. I could not resist)

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