Catching up

I just spent an intensive 4-days in Kathy Jackson’s Cornered Cat Instructor Development Class.

I’m tired, but enriched.

I’ll have a write-up on it soon.

This also serves as my training log for today. Should be a squat day, but I’m opting to rest. I’ve got some pain in my legs. In part it’s from all the standing over the 4 days, but the large part is actually from sitting! Folding chairs, trying to remain comfortable, would extend my right leg, and between balancing it upright in my boots, my other leg crossed over it, etc., the slight hyperextension at my knee and all that “back-pressure” placed on my knee… things just aren’t too happy.

Best not to squat right now.

I’m bummed because it’s now 2 weeks in a row of not squatting (I never thought I’d say that), but it’s better this way.

Anyways, returning to the Land of Daily Routine, so I’ve got a bunch to catch up on.

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