9mm vs. .40 S&W vs .45 ACP – this is still a topic?

I can’t believe that this “debate” is making rounds again.

Yet, I guess I can see why. I know better than to read the comments, but sometimes I’m a sucker for punishment. From that it’s evident that even today, with mounting evidence – both anecdotal and scientific, with technological progress, and with so many other factors today, that there’s zero reason to have this “debate” any more.

But you know… some people still believe the Earth is flat and wish to continue that “debate”.

Can we please discuss things that actually matter and merit discussion? Nah.. never mind. Doesn’t get clicks.

3 thoughts on “9mm vs. .40 S&W vs .45 ACP – this is still a topic?

  1. It’s only a debate if you make it so. 😉

    And yea, you need to stop reading comments on some blogs. They make you crazy, raise blood pressure and in certain states are rumored to cause cancer….

  2. Click… I read it…
    if it is done right, you hear a click BOOM, and repeat as needed… usually 3 taps even with a .22 is pretty harsh 🙂

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