Vicious Cycle

If you were treated like shit, viewed with hate and contempt on a daily basis as you did your job, would you want to stay in that job?

I wouldn’t. And you wouldn’t either.

So can you blame good cops for leaving the profession?

The last few years have seen a significant shift away from public support for those sworn to protect and serve. There has always been an element of the public that hates police. There always will be, provided the police are doing their job. It is not these people that concern me, it is the every-day folks that are less and less supportive that create the greatest issue.

“If the people of this country don’t start treating law enforcement officers better the frequency of officers leaving that are both good at what they do and wearing a badge for the right reasons will continue to rise. It is becoming increasingly difficult for officers to risk everything for a public that is growing unsupportive and, oftentimes, outright hostile.

Full letter (h/t Greg Ellifritz)

Think about where this leads.

If good cops leave, that means there won’t be as many cops. That means there won’t be as many people available “to protect & serve”. That means you’re on your own.

If good cops leave, that means an increase in job vacancies. But who wants to fill a job where you know from Day 1 you’re going to be treated like shit?

But if there are those willing to stay on the job or fill a vacant position, think about what sort of person that will be. I mean, the “good cops” have already left, so what remains…?

Tell me then how treating cops badly will do anything other than make things worse.

2 thoughts on “Vicious Cycle

  1. Ever since the “Beer Summit” early in the Reign of Pres. Obama there has been a slow slide in the relations between the people and our police.

    That slide became a steep downhill slope following Ferguson and Baltimore and today seem more like a sheer drop off than anything else.

    I am mortified by what has happened to re respect our police deserve and the out flow of those seasoned, professional offices who make a difference in their communities.

    All of this is fueled by the pandering of our national leadership to fringe groups of agitators and malcontents. Complicit in this slide are the national media inflaming tensions for the benefit of their ratings.

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