Why do USA cops shoot so many people?

Greg Ellifritz posted this on Facebook:

My friends from outside the USA often ask me “Why do cops in the USA shoot so many people?” The answer is that we deal with violent crazy people who are trying to kill us or someone else. Take a look at this National Review study on all the police shootings across America last month. Read the short narrative on each case. Sure, there are a couple of shootings that look unjustified, but in almost all of the others, the cops were being attacked by an armed criminal at the time of the shooting.

Here’s the study Greg references.

Throughout time there have always been people that don’t like the police/law-enforcement, but it’s become rather a popular topic as of late. The narrative/spin that tends to be promoted/hyped is that cops just like to kill people, or something along those lines.

But when you really look at the facts behind most OIS (Officer-Involved-Shooting), you find most are quite justified and there’s really no other way to solve the problem.

Facts are pesky things, especially when you don’t ignore them.

So like so many things in the world, if you’re upset about the symptoms, stop trying to just address the symptoms. Look deeper. What’s causing these people to commit their crimes in the first place? Can we solve those deeper problems? Solve those root causes and you’ll solve both their base problem and the issue of cops having to shoot people.

I know. It’s easier to get angry and outraged and Tweet about it, than to actually work to solve the tough problems. But solving the tough problems is the only way to make things better.

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