ASP Street Defender – first impressions

So I just gave the ASP Street Defender (pepper spray system) a try.

Slight history: thinking about pepper spray, ASP Key Defender – first impressions, ASP Key Defender – second impressions.

While my evaluation of the ASP Defenders got off to a rough start, I’m feeling more and more assured and willing to use this platform.

I don’t think I’ll use the ASP Palm Defender (small) because it’s just too small for me. The ASP Key Defender (medium) has been riding with me daily for about a month now. It carries just fine for me, and while the spray tests left me a little unsure, I still felt it was a fair choice. But I wanted to try out the ASP Street Defender (large), just because.

Ordered one, got some Heat and some Test inserts. Also ordered some grip tape (instead of skateboard tape) to try texturing the “safety” for better deployment. FWIW, I don’t like the grip tape as much — it’s a nice texture, certainly adds more grip without shredding your skin (unlike skateboard tape). But the skateboard tape is more “grippy” precisely because it’s more like sandpaper and thus a lot more friction and “grab”. The grip tape isn’t bad, but I’ll probably replace it with skateboard tape.

Then, time for spray tests.

The Test insert sprayed well, better than the Key Defender. First, it functioned. 🙂 Second, it certainly had more distance, more volume, more sprays. I mean, it stands to reason given the insert canister is larger — it’s not just longer, it’s a larger diameter. It’s advertised at 30 sprays vs. the Key’s 6.

That said, I also noticed that if you actually stuck to VERY short bursts, there was better performance. Long sprays of course work, but short blasts seem to work better. Not sure why, not an aerosol engineer. Just what I observed.

Then the Heat insert. This performed better than the Test insert, and WAY better than the Key insert. This is the sort of performance I was looking for. It’s one hell of a blast. It’s not some cloud, like a bear spray would be, but for the size and what it is, it’s sure a good dose. There’s a lot more oomph behind it, more “stream” (tho it’s still technically a cone/cloud). More reach.

I’m happy with this.

And again, the wind shifted and I got a good snoot full. So not fun.

I’m growing to like this platform. I’m going to swap out my Key Defender for the Street Defender and see how carrying it goes.

More later…



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