2016-01-15 training log

More pain. 😦

I actually wanted to do a full day today as I was feeling a little better, more motivated. However, reality kicked in as the inclines got heavier. Those arm pains/weakness? It came back.

Yeah, the top set actually went well. Tho still the same reps as last week, it was much cleaner, so that’s progress. But the pain? Too much.

As I think about it, I think it’s an elbow issue, and then some biceps get involved. My guess? Squatting. Read this article from Paul Carter regarding low-bar squat and pain. It may not be that, but I remember this happening before and after some adjustments to my squat, my arms felt better.

Which brings me to another consideration — that this may be too much. I don’t think this load is too much for someone of my age and condition, but I think that I’m not able to give my body the recovery it needs. Could I correct that? I try to, but life is what it is and sometimes sleep isn’t as good as it needs to be. And as well, I’ve been down this road before with the 4x/week stuff.. touched on this yesterday.

So my consideration is that I may not complete Inception. I’m not sure… I really don’t WANT to stop, but I’m thinking about it. As well, next week is a deload… we’ll see how it goes and how I feel come the end of it. I also have toyed around with the notion of taking a second “deload” week. Would I go back to 3x/week? Maybe… or I may stick with 4x/week but change around the program and say have an arm day, which is effectively a “nothing” day. 😉

So I don’t know. Today I just did the main work and left. I’ll Advil it up all weekend long, see how things go next week, and just take it day by day.

Based upon Paul Carter’s Inception program

Week 6

  • Incline Press
    • bar x 8
    • 95 x 8
    • 115 x 8
    • 135 x 8
    • 165 x 8
    • 180 x 8
    • 145 x 10 (AMRAP)

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