2015-12-28 training log

Week 4, and I’m liking where things are going.

Today was good…. well, sorta good.

Truly it was good. Everything moved well. Weights are going up, getting heavier. In fact, whereas last week I worked up to 205 for a “moderate” set, this was to be a work-up to 6 moderate/hard reps. Things were feeling really good so I adjusted and worked up to 235 instead of the planned 215. That felt right.

But I’m not sure what brings that about. Is it the progression? Was I a little too light to start? Was it getting lots of rest the past few days? Was it all the food consumed the past few days? That my body is getting used to training a little harder, a little heavier? I’m really not sure what to attribute it to at this point. But I’m just happy for it.

Tho, not totally happy, just because it feels horrible that 235 for 6 reps was “moderate/hard”. I’ve lost so much strength, it bums me out. If I look back over the years, it almost seems like I’ve made zero progress. But I have to remember, that’s not true. Losing 66 lbs. is a lot of progress! Building the muscle that I have (else that 66 lb. loss wouldn’t look as good), is progress. All it really tells me is the thing I really want is being stronger: not leaner, not bigger, but stronger. Sure, I do want the other things, but they are secondary. And this coming year is really going to focus still on the lean and big parts of things, not so much the strong part. So that still bums me out a bit. But hey… I’m healthier than ever before. I haven’t been this lean since… too many years. I still look better and am stronger, overall, than I have been at any prior point in my life. And I’ve got the good health to be able to do it, the time and money to afford the gym, the food, the coaching, whatever else.

Really, my gripes are minor annoyances in the grand scheme of things. And if I keep a perspective of years instead of months, then spending the whole of next year continuing on leaning out, but progressing to my key priorities then well… it’s all good. Make it a life-long journey, and just be patient.

As for specifics.

Squats went well. No complaints.

Curls and extensions, nothing to write about.

Calf raises. The 5-second pause between each rep continues to kill me. Just nuts. That said, I had to cut the last set short. Due to an old ankle injury, the flexion the foot/ankle gets put into in the bottom position sometimes causes ankle pain in the bad way. Well, one of the first reps of the 4th set just hurt bad; I tried to keep going, but the pain remained and was not going to be “worked through”. So I stopped short, thus just the few reps I got. Ah well.

Based upon Paul Carter’s Inception program

Week 4

  • Squats
    • bar x 6
    • 95 x 6
    • 135 x 6
    • 155 x 6
    • 175 x 6
    • 195 x 6
    • 215 x 6
    • 235 x 6
  • Leg Curls
    • 50 x 8
    • 50 x 8
    • 50 x 8
    • 50 x 8
  • Leg Extensions
    • 60 x 12
    • 70 x 12
    • 80 x 12
    • 85 x 12
    • 90 x 16
  • Seated Calf Raises
    • 30 x 20
    • 30 x 20
    • 30 x 20
    • 30 x 4 (see notes)

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