2015-11-19 training log

Today was…. meh. I’ll put it in the 80% column, but on the lower end. That said, I had some fun at the end.

I figure it’s just the same story: no food, no go, everything regressing — including my weight. 202 this morning. So close.

So at the end of the session I skipped pulldowns and opted to do pull-ups! Why? I’ve just wanted to. I didn’t want to stop them before but had to due to my shoulders. Now that they’re feeling much better, I want to see about getting back to them.

I knew I wouldn’t get a lot of reps in, so the goal was to just do pull-ups until I couldn’t…. as many reps per set as I could, then once I hit 1 rep switch to chin-ups. I kept the grip shoulder width and went full-range. True dead-hang, chin clearing the bar, then controlled descent — not trying to get a 30X0 type of tempo (tho that’s what it wound up being like), but just wanting to be controlled through it all so I could go all the way to a dead hang and not kill my shoulders. And then, just keep going until I couldn’t go any more. Even it was few reps per set, I’ll take as many sets as I could get, and I got a lot.

So it was a fun way to end it. I was happy to get the reps I did. Sure it wasn’t much, but it was after all that other back work. And putting that together with my lifetime of sucking? Geez, I’m happy.

Oh, and I didn’t drop a 10# plate on my foot today. That was most important. 😉

  • Barbell Rows
    • bar x 10
    • 105 x 5
    • 125 x 4
    • 145 x 3
    • 165 x 2
    • 185 x 1
    • 145 x 11 (AMRAP)
    • 145 x 6 (50%)
  • Cable Row
    • 100 x 10
    • 100 x 10
    • 100 x 10
    • 100 x 10
  • Behind-the-back BB Shrugs (smith machine)
    • 135 x 20
    • 165 x 20
    • 185 x 17
    • 185 x 15
    • 155 x 20
  • Pull-ups
    • BW x 2
    • BW x 2
    • BW x 2
    • BW x 1
  • Chin-ups
    • BW x 3
    • BW x 2
    • BW x 2
    • BW x 2
    • BW x 2
    • BW x 2
    • BW x 2
    • BW x 1
    • BW x 1

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