UT Profs: please come out of your ivory tower once in a while

So I read this about a rally held a couple of days ago at the University of Texas (right here in Austin):

“America has all-along been about the sheer display of white male power with guns over Indians, over slaves, over females, over Mexicans, over Asians, over African Americans, and over Arabs, now,” said [history professor Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra]. “Classroom carry is aggressive intrusion of the vigilante rights of the largely white minority into our living rooms, our offices, our dorms, my classroom.

Full story (h/t David Hoobler)

Now, as an Asian, I’m not really sure what he’s getting at. But I live here in Austin.

And you know, right here in Austin – you know, the little blue-dot in this red state – I see all sorts of things.

For example, there’s the A Girl and a Gun club and the Austin Sure Shots, which are women’s groups. Right here. In Austin.

There’s Michael Cargill – a gay black man, who is also the owner of Central Texas Gun Works. Right here. In Austin.

A number of years ago as I was leaving Red’s Indoor Range (a gun range, right here, in Austin), this is what I see parked in the parking lot.

I’ve been an instructor at KR Training for about 7 years. I’ve seen thousands of people come through the doors of one of the oldest and most respected self-defense schools in Central Texas – and the primary residence of the students? Austin. And the students are male, female, black, white, yellow, brown, rich, poor, highly educated, barely educated, young, old, you name it. If anything, “white male power” is quite the minority.

And vigilante? Do you really think anyone that has to go through as much red tape, as much background checking, fingerprinting, and legal hassle as to get a concealed carry license is a vigilante? If you don’t know what it takes, click through to read the lengthy legal and regulatory process that’s involved.

So I’m not really sure where Mr. Cañizares-Esguerra is getting his information.

But perhaps if he stepped outside of his ivory tower – and just looked around, right here in Austin – he might see that the only person throwing around ignorant stereotypes is himself.

7 thoughts on “UT Profs: please come out of your ivory tower once in a while

  1. The best part is that Gun Free UT has been holding rallies in an outdoor area of campus where carry is legal. It’s like they don’t really understand the concept of “concealed”. They think that they are going to be able to tell when people are carrying in their classes, maybe because they don’t understand that campus carry will not be open carry. They apparently don’t realize that for the past 20 years anytime they’ve been in public around more than 100 people, odds are good that at least one person around them was carrying and they never knew it. If concealed carry in the state capitol hasn’t produced all the negative effects they are claiming will occur, why do they believe it will happen in their classrooms?

    • Well, if I can extrapolate from Mr. Cañizares-Esguerra’s comments, the way you’ll be able to tell is if you’re a white male.

      “If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table.”

      That poor poor table.

    • While I grant the sentiment, I wouldn’t want to do that. It’s good to have different ideas, thoughts, opinions, viewpoints; and to work to share them with others. But you see, it’s about sharing them: not ramming them down someone else’s throat nor refusing to hear the different ideas, thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints of others in kind. As well, you’d think someone whose job title is “teacher” would understand the importance of having knowledge on the subject you’re speaking about, and that it’s good to seek out the ideas, thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints of others to further that understanding…. but alas.

  2. I may be mistaken, but I seem to remember that when Charles Whitman was shooting folks for the UT Tower, several UT students got their hunting rifles out of their dorm rooms and returned fire, hindering his killing spree. Perhaps UT will be safer WITH a few legally armed people on and around the “ivory tower”…

    • It’s my understanding that private citizens fetched hunting rifles and returned fire, and their suppressive fire was in fact instrumental to being able to end Whitman’s spree. There seems to be varying debate about who exactly (students? just other folk nearby?) and where rifles came from (dorm rooms? vehicles parked nearby?).

      But either way — the end result was guns, in the hands of private citizens, on a college campus, without which a situation would likely have resulted in a far worse outcome.

      You’d think learning from history could be useful…

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