Busting Stereotypes

I’m in Austin, Texas. I’m leaving the local indoor gun range. What do I see parked next to my car?

A Volvo. Stationwagon at that.

A Darwin fish.

A rainbow bumper sticker.

The desire for self-protection runs strong through many people.

10 thoughts on “Busting Stereotypes

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  2. My buddies dad drives a white Volvo station wagon but that isn’t it. His has black on white oval stickers in the lower corners of the window…one says 30.06 and the other has 7.62 on it. Not quite as subtle!

  3. Isn’t that a UT Austin symbol at the bottom right? The only thing missing is a “peace through superior firepower” sticker. (chuckle)


  4. Hey, it’s a gun toting, Texas bred, evolutionary biologist right here. I don’t put emblems/stickers on my car, but if I did I would have a Darwin Fish and a “I support Gay Marriage, they have the right to be miserable too.” bumper sticker next to it.


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