Magpul STR vs CTR

Here’s what a little training and education does to you: it fixes what’s broken.

My hunting rifle is an AR-patterned rifle: a Wilson Combat 6.8 upper on a Rock River Arms lower with their two-stage match trigger, and some other accessories.

I forget what I originally had as a stock, but probably some sort of “factory whatever” 6-position stock. Hated it. Put on a Magpul STR. Why? I felt that the added width would be good for my cheek weld. And generally it was, given what I knew at the time.

Well, at the CSAT Rifle class last month, there was some side talk with Paul Howe about stocks, and he mentioned he couldn’t use such stocks because they rolled his head over. It just didn’t fit him and his body (YMMV).

It seems that’s my case too.

When I pulled the hunting rifle out a couple weeks ago to prep for deer (rifle) season, of course I was putting my CSAT training to use. And lo, things felt off. I couldn’t get that consistent head and eye position, that natural point of aim. I noticed that yeah, my head was rolling to the side. I also noticed I wasn’t getting naturally behind the scope to see through it properly. Hrm.

I took off the STR and just used the raw buffer tube to experiment. Sure enough, everything felt better.

So I ordered a Magpul CTR. It just came in. Put it on, and lo, everything is better. Consistent head and eye position. Natural point of aim. And the scope falls properly where it should (eye relief). What a difference, eh?

Why didn’t I get something like the UBR or PRS? 1. Cost. 2. I’m not convinced I need it, not at least on this rifle.

Anyways, that’s what a little learning will do for you. 😉

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