Sunday Metal – Songs of My Youth – Slayer

I like giving “Sunday Metal” a theme, and so this theme is “Songs of My Youth”. I found heavy metal as a teenager and it’s always been a big part of my life. I wanted to highlight some songs that stand out from those youthful days.

Ah Slayer. So dangerous, right? If there was some band from the 80’s that embraced Satan for an image (and profited from it), it was Slayer.

One thing I always dug about them was not just the speed and aggression, but Tom’s voice. Honestly, I never cared much for the Satan devil stuff, because it was pretty evident that a lot was just because that was the gimmick of the early 80’s. So songs like “The Antichrist” are just a product of the time.

But what I always dug (and still do) is in these early versions of the song was Tom’s vocal range. He had such a deep and mature voice for his age, but then could hit these giant and powerful screams. Even to this day I don’t know all the lyrics of this song, but the tone of the song, the expression in Tom’s voice, it just kicks ass.

(yes, another cut from “The Ultimate Revenge” video. Go watch it for some awesome metal history).

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