2015-04-17 training log

Continuing to refine things.

I tried pyramiding the behind-the-neck press, and that seems more right. It’s a bigger movement, give it a little weight. I dig that and will keep trying it.

Otherwise, just a nice day. I kinda feel like my triceps aren’t getting enough work overall, but I’m not going to sweat it too much right now. I think as I up the bench dips that will change things.

On that note, the bench dips felt better. My shoulder is getting happier and overall feeling better since I started doing them. And today I was able to just crank right into things instead of having to have the first set or two be a slower, easing myself into things. I take that as a good sign. Thus I did a couple more reps per set. It’s still not enough to really wear me out, but again this is more about the stretch and range of motion for the sake of my shoulder (rehab more than anything). Still, if things continue to improve like this, I’ll keep adding reps until I get to around 20 or so per set. Come that point, I’ll probably do something like put a 25# plate in my lap and start over.

Inspired by Paul Carter’s methodologies

  • Behind-the-Neck Press
    • bar x 10
    • 65 x 15
    • 75 x 15
    • 85 x 12
    • 95 x 8
    • 95 x 6
  • Arnold Press
    • 35e x 12
    • 35e x 12
    • 35e x 9
  • Upright Rows
    • 90 x 12
    • 90 x 12
    • 90 x 9
  • Lateral Raises (350 method)
    • 15e x 20
    • 15e x 17
    • 15e x 12, then some partials
  • Bench Dips
    • BW x 12
    • BW x 12
    • BW x 12
    • BW x 12
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