2015-04-16 training log

Minor changes, not bad.

First, it does feel good to deadlift again. My knee comes and goes, but overall things are good and nowhere near as much an issue as it used to be. Of course now that I said that, watch me blow it out. 😉 I am thinking tho about upping something. The weights generally feel light and move well, the top 330 set only just starts to feel heavy. But that said, I don’t think I’ll try upping the weights yet — I’m going to add an AMRAP set. So I’ll do the 2 back-off sets and instead of a 3rd BO set make that an AMRAP set. I’ll try that next week and see how it goes.

Chins continue to suck, but only because each round tries to be stricter than the last. I’m working to ensure as full a range of motion as my shoulder will allow, so I don’t get to a full dead-hang, but as close as I can, which then does keep tension the whole time. Keeping my legs out (pike), minimizing body english, and boy, shit’s tougher. But that’s all good.

On the rows, I’m liking the pyramiding as that feels like I’m actually getting more back engagement and work. I’m thinking about adding a 5th set, but not sure. Still refining it.

Speaking of refinement, I like adding the 2 sets of shrugs. Again, this is borrowed from something I saw often in Paul Carter’s templates: 2 sets of shrugs, 1 heavy for really low reps and 1 light to rep out. I had no idea how much weight here so I just put 225 on the bar but managed to get a lot more than I thought, so I’ll up that next week. Then strip to 135 and that was a little more than 20 but still not too bad. So, I’ll refine the weights some, but I liked this and will probably keep it. It gives me that little extra bit of work, but doesn’t add too much time.

On the curls, I’m supposed to do it 350-method but for whatever reason changed my mind. I pyramided up, then drop-set running the rack all the way down to the 8’s. Crank all I can, put DB down, couple breaths, pick up the next lower one, rep out, put down, couple breaths, next lower, rep, etc.. I’d only get maybe 5 reps (until I got to the really light DBs), but whatever. I just did it, and it felt nice to do.

So all in all, a nice day.

Oh, and weighed in at 214, which surprised me. I mean, overall it’s constant steady progress, but I was surprised because all week I’ve been up at 216, which actually is a slight increase from Sunday. I guess lack of sleep and stress wasn’t being good to me, but I’m working to get both back in line.

Inspired by Paul Carter’s methodologies

  • Deadlift
    • 135 x 5
    • 185 x 4
    • 225 x 3
    • 275 x 2
    • 315 x 1
    • 320 x 1
    • 330 x 1
    • 275 x 3
    • 275 x 3
    • 275 x 3
  • Chins
    • BW x 5
    • BW x 5
    • BW x 3
    • BW x 3
    • BW x 2
  • Cable Rows
    • 120 x 15
    • 125 x 12
    • 130 x 8
    • 110 x 10
  • BB Shrugs
    • 225 x 10
    • 135 x 25
  • Hammer Curls
    • 25e x 15
    • 30e x 11
    • 35e x 6
    • then ran down the rank, repping out each DBk
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