Sunday Metal – Songs of My Youth – Stryper

I like giving “Sunday Metal” a theme, and so this theme is “Songs of My Youth”. I found heavy metal as a teenager and it’s always been a big part of my life. I wanted to highlight some songs that stand out from those youthful days.

Much of the conflict in my teenage years came from religion. Be it the hypocrisy I saw at church, mom and sisters pushing me, me wanting to “be good” and “believe” but just having a hard time with it all. Music of course was a source of tension because so much of what I enjoyed was, on the surface, in direct conflict to what the familial influence wanted.

Then along came Stryper.

It was an interesting thing watching them having a tough time with songs like “To Hell with the Devil” because they could see the message was “right”, but the artistic delivery they still took odds with. But they still had a hard time trying to deny me the music. I enjoyed the music for what it was, but no question the other ways it permeated my life were interesting to me as well.


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