2015-03-23 training log

That was alright.

Today felt good. Changed up a couple minor things.

First, my grip width. Normally I bench with my ring finger on the bar rings. For whatever reason today I opted to put my index finger on the rings. That felt mighty different. Good in general, and I kinda liked it. But it was different enough that the bar felt all over the place… it just felt strange.

I did wonder tho, exactly how far apart are these rings on these bars. I need to remember to bring a tape measure in to see about the 81 cm distance. I mean, if I do play to compete eventually, probably should ensure I’m training for it correctly. But of course, there’s something to be said for “illegally wide grip” when training. For sure, it did hit my chest a lot harder.

I also tried something I haven’t done since I was a teenager: db pullovers. I remember now why I haven’t done them since then… oh my. 🙂 I opted to do them because I remember how good they felt in terms of my chest, the rib cage really. I spend all day hunched in front of a computer, and often during my breaks just reach up to the sky, pull my arms back, and other things to try to open and stretch myself out. I am wondering if these may be alright for my shoulders, helping actually in that area, and also just kinda stretch and open me up. It actually was a bit uncomfortable today, and I actually felt it far more in my lats than anywhere else. Will I keep this up? Will I keep it up as a chest-day exercise? I don’t know. I think I want to, because I think such a movement would be good for my body/health in general… but I will continue to keep it light and such until my body feels happier about doing it.

One week left on the mid. I actually am excited to get back on the loser train. Hopefully this’ll be the final run towards my goal weight!

Based upon Paul Carter’s Basebuilding

  • Bench Press (model 1)
    • bar x 5
    • bar x 5
    • 120 x 5
    • 145 x 4
    • 160 x 3
    • 180 x 2
    • 205 x 1
    • 225 x 1
    • 180 x 8
    • 180 x 8
    • 180 x 8
    • 180 x 6
    • 180 x 6
  • Dips
    • BW x 10
    • BW x 7
    • BW x 6
    • BW x 6
    • BW x 5
  • DB Incline Press
    • 50e x 10
    • 50e x 10
    • 50e x 8
  • DB Pullovers
    • 35 x 10
    • 35 x 10
    • 35 x 10

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