Sunday Metal – Songs of My Youth – Twisted Sister

I like giving “Sunday Metal” a theme, and so this theme is “Songs of My Youth”. I found heavy metal as a teenager and it’s always been a big part of my life. I wanted to highlight some songs that stand out from those youthful days.

Twisted Sister was pivotal for me for a few reasons.

“Stay Hungry” was my first album (a record). My younger sister got it for me for Christmas.

My mother instantly hated it. Scared her. 🙂

Twisted Sister and Dee Snider, their interactions with the P.M.R.C., how my Mom devoured Tipper’s message and well… it drove a lot of things in my life, be it good, bad, tension, or whatever. Stories for another day.

Of all the songs on “Stay Hungry”, “Burn in Hell” always stood out to me. It sounds all evil and terrible, not just the title but even the music  sounds all foreboding. If you just focus on the hook of the chorus chanting “you’re going to burn in hell!” and how scary that will be, how that will offend the sensibilities of some… well yeah, that’s what makes it cool. 😉

But even cooler then was to actually listen to the whole of the lyrics and realize how the song is actually quite positive and provides a warning for people that don’t keep their life on the straight and narrow. Really, it’s exactly the message those scared and offended by the song would appreciate, but they’re too focused on the artistic delivery and miss the point completely. That made the song especially cool, because of that form of delivery.


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