The De-fattening Project – Month 1

One month ago I started on a concerted effort to lose weight. Time to check in and see how the first month went.


It’s actually been a little longer than one month, maybe 6 weeks? I don’t recall the actual day I stepped on the scale and saw 265 lbs. But I do distinctly remember feeling ashamed of myself for getting to that point — never have I weighed so much. It’d be one thing if it was all muscle, but it’s not. I didn’t take a precise body fat measurement, but if you Google around for “body fat estimator pictures” I used those and figure I’ve got at least 30%, maybe 35% body fat. That sucks. I know precisely what got me here: stress eating, comfort eating. And over time, it adds up. I’ve tried fat loss before, with varying success but it never took. But it’s kinda like when I quit smoking cigarettes some 16-17 years ago: quitting is easy, did it hundreds of times – sticking with it is the hard part! But there just comes a tipping point, and it sticks. I’d like to believe I’m at that point with my weight. I’ve tried so many things, so many techniques, solutions, programs, etc… and nothing has really worked. But I also think, in part, it’s because I wasn’t at the tipping point. Again, I’d like to believe now I’m there.

I had been thinking about getting help with the weight loss for some time, because I figure it can only help. I know the value of having a teacher/mentor/coach in other areas of life, so why not here? One big reason is there’s an overload of information out there about eating, weight management etc., and you get analysis paralysis. Having someone to help me sift through the chaff to find the wheat would be useful. So I settled on Renaissance Periodization because they have a solid reputation for both success and the use and application of science! If you want a taste, take an hour and watch their YouTube Nutrition Videos Playlist. Science! What’s great as well is that Nick Shaw and Dr. Mike Israetel make all this knowledge digestible for normal people, without talking or dumbing down.

When I officially started with RP, I weighed in at 261 lbs. So, I’m measuring my weight loss both from my worst, and from when I started with RP.

One Month of Results

This morning I weighed in at 250 lbs. So that’s 15 lbs from my worst, and 11 lbs. from RP. I will take it!

I am working on fast weight loss, as fast as is healthy. I know this may seem a little fast for that, but some of the initial loss was simple bloat. When you factor that out, I’m averaging about 2 lbs. a week, which is about as fast as one wants to go. I’ve still got a long road of many months ahead of me, but if I can keep up this rate of progress I’ll be quite happy. That seems quite do-able, if you look at RP’s list of testimonials, as most of their clients lose at about that rate.

I decided to take pictures on a monthly basis. Comparing my start to now? You can see a difference. It’s slight, but it’s there. I won’t post any pictures yet, but once I have a good “after” picture, I’m sure I’ll post something.

I cannot quite say if I’m losing muscle mass and/or strength. But so far my weight-room results are saying that I am not. It’s still to early to say for sure, but the trend so far is that I’m at least holding fast and maybe increasing a bit. I can live with at least maintaining because then at least I’m not losing. Time will tell.

All in all, I’m pleased. Yes, I’d love to have overnight results, but I know that won’t happen. So long as I can keep on this rate of progress tho, it’s the best I can hope for.


Certainly I have to stick to the program, including parts I don’t like. That’s one reason I think I’m at the tipping point, because I’m willing to do the work needed, including work I hate. Like having to do cardio 4x week. It’s light cardio but still anything that isn’t “squat faster, for more reps” is cardio I don’t like. But you want something bad enough? You do what it takes to get there. Besides, if you look at the numbers, it’s obviously a contributing factor. If the little calculator on the elliptical is to be believed, I burn maybe 500 calories a session, so that’s 2000 cals a week, and that adds up.

Sometimes eating gets to be a mechanical chore tho. Must eat at certain times, in certain measured amounts. But again, if success comes from following the program to a “T”, then so be it. To Wife’s credit, she’s being very supportive and working to help find ways to make meal-time less boring and repetitive for me, yet also not a major inconvenience to the whole family. I’m thankful for that support.

The low/no-carb days can be hard to get through sometimes. What helps is lots of veggies to fill you up, and it’s great that I can have diet sodas. I’m not much of a soda drinker any more, but if a little sweet fizzy water helps me get through the day, so be it. I also like that it’s not as restrictive of a diet as say all of Kiefer’s CBL/CN is; so if I want a Diet Hansen’s soda, fine. BTW, I’m finding the Hansen’s sodas are simply awesome tasting — almost better than “regular” sodas. Their Ginger Ale tastes excellent. But this makes sense. If you watch RP’s nutrition videos, you’ll see that what matters most at this point is calories in vs. calories out, the macronutrients, and perhaps timing… and things like food composition are so unimportant for someone in my position. So eat fruit and be happy. That helps so much towards success.

Many months still head. It’s not easy, but I know it’s going to be worth it.

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