Sunday Metal – My Favorite Megadeth

Another one that’s hard to pick a single favorite for is Megadeth.

“Rust in Peace” was a great album, but I think it also started an era of “too technical” that while a great piece of thrash metal history, I find it doesn’t move me so much. But I’m one of those guys that prefer a good blues song over a noodlely solo (yes, I’m not a huge Rush fan).

And while I like “Mechanix” more than “Four Horseman”, mostly because Dave plays it faster and more raw:

I am drawn to “Peace Sells”

It’s not so much the music, it’s the lyrics and Dave’s delivery. That “whaddayamean I don’t…” over and over.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Metal – My Favorite Megadeth

  1. ..I talk to him every day. Whaddayamean I don’t support your system? I go to court when I have to.

    Agreed, best Megadeth album.

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