Sunday Metal – My Favorite Metallica

For the next some whiles, the Sunday Metal theme will be looking at some of my favorite songs by various metal artists.

It’s hard to pick my favorite Metallica song. “St. Anger” is near the bottom of the list. 😉

I’d say “Master of Puppets” is my favorite album. The last album with Cliff, and his songwriting influence is strong. The songs were long, epic, full of time-changes and other intricate work yet still balls-out thrash.

And while the title track is the epitome of what the album is about:

I think “Damage Inc.” gets the nod as one of my favorite Metallica songs. It just snaps your neck and kicks your ass.

Fuck it all, and fucking no regrets.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Metal – My Favorite Metallica

  1. Agreed on all fronts! Master is a classic and Damage Inc was always my fav off the album too.

    • I just need an edit of the song that doesn’t have the 1:30 long “swirling” intro. Almost always skip past it.

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