How’s it going, Amazon?

About a month ago we said goodbye to Sprouts and hello to Amazon. I’ve been an Amazon customer for many years, but the change was starting to use Prime.

So, how’s it going?

Quite well, actually.

There’s no question, we buy more from Amazon than before. I mean, shipping cost (both money and time) is no longer an issue. I feel no reserves when it comes to ordering something — just click click click and done. Of course, this is precisely what Amazon wants. So, mission accomplished.

However, it’s not without a few gripes.

A key selling point of Prime is 2-day shipping. We don’t always get that. Now, I’m going to cut some slack here because I’m not sure where fault lies. There’s been all sorts of bad weather across the US this past month, and that’s certainly thrown off the shippers. So I’m willing to bet it’s mostly due to weather and things outside Amazon’s control. But a few things haven’t shipped in a manner such that would lead to two-day shipping. That is within their control. But it goes both ways, because I have gotten some things that shipped a day late, but then shipped in one day, so in the end it worked out to two days. Overall, this is fine, but the key thing is when you start getting enough things that don’t meet the promise, you start to get skeptical (make a promise? keep the promise, y’know?). However, I’ll reserve getting fully irritated because I’m guessing a majority is weather-related. So we’ll see how things fare come summer.

It’s true that Amazon cannot control how poorly UPS handles your boxes. But they should be able to control how well they pack the items in the boxes.

We’ve had more than enough times of receiving damaged goods. One situation had a larger box filled with light bulky items, like cereal boxes, but then also a box of canned goods. And things weren’t tightly packed in the box such that things would avoid shifting. Why would you do that? So all the cereal boxes had burst open, and numerous cans were dented (yes, some along the seals). I’d reckon things would be OK to eat, but how can I be sure? How can I know where the damage occurred? And regardless, I’m not paying for used/damaged goods, I’m paying for new ones. We’ve called, complained, they have taken the complaint. I’m not expecting much to change.

I’ll say this tho. If the merchandise is damaged in the warehouse, it should never ship.

Then, pack things to minimize shipping damage. We expect the shipping box to get banged up, but the box and packing materials are there to be destroyed so that our purchased goods won’t be.

Normally I don’t have this problem with Amazon. It’s groceries that have been the issue.

All in all tho, Wife and I are happy. It’s going to take time before I can assess the financial impact. Right now, it’s costing more, but it’s because we’re buying just about everything in bulk. I would assume, over time, it will save us money because 1. bulk is usually cheaper, 2. there’s less impulse buying.

But we’ll see. Need more time. So far, mostly good.

6 thoughts on “How’s it going, Amazon?

  1. I’ve seen similar issues and a quick photo sent to amazon resulted in new items (food send without having to send the item back). The delay is frustrating. I’m guessing it is usually weather.

    One thing I’ve found is if I order a bunch of items (35lbs of dog food with paper cups) they will show up in one box. Saves Amazon money but they are usually packed poorly. I found that by ordering them a day apart it solves the issue.

    • That’s a good suggestion, to order them separately. I wonder if I have to order them a day apart, or just make 2 totally separate transactions so they’re on separate orders. I would think that would be enough….

  2. amazon usually will send out a short email survey asking how the packaging was with a particular item, so it seems they are aware there are some problems and are spot checking for trouble areas.

    as to the varying shipping times, when i first started with amazon years ago the arrival times were nearly 100% accurate–you could set your watch by them, so to speak. now they are doing things like passing packages of from, say, ups to usps and that was a nightmare for me when i lived in dfw. if it helps, the trend of inaccurate estimates only started a few months before you joined.


    • Well, that’s good about the survey.

      The whole “smart post” thing where USPS takes it the last leg… yeah, that does mess with ship times, and usually means wicked slow or at least give a week of leeway. That’s what you get for wanting cheap shipping. :-\

  3. ironically enough, i just last night ordered from amazon for deliver today. the package went to fedex for delivery so i expected no problems as i find fedex far more reliable than ups. but when i woke up this morning the weather had sabotaged things and one part of my order is stuck at dfw and the other part in lubbock. the irony? it included a weather clock with outside remote!


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