Ankle Mobility

Wow. Talk about good timing.

This article on Ankle Mobility was just published by Juggernaut Training Systems. After feeling how things went at the gym this morning, it was evident I have dorsiflexion issues. I just couldn’t get things down and forward far enough.

So trying the little “are you flexible enough?” test outlined in the article? Right foot is fine. Left foot… ha ha ha, not even. But I can’t tell how much of that might be how things are (i.e. if I tried this 2 months ago, how would I have been) or how much is because of the injury. My guess is much of it is from the injury because I didn’t feel these issues when squatting prior to the injury.

Anyways, some good exercises in here, many of which are stretches. I was already thinking that would need to be a bigger part of my rehab, given my experiences this morning, well… more fuel for the fire.


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