2013-09-25 training log


Wendler 5/3/1 program, cycle 24, week 1

  • Work Set – Bench Press (working max: 225#)
    • 45 x 5 x 2 sets (warmup)
    • 95 x 5
    • 115 x 5
    • 135 x 3
    • 150 x 5 (work)
    • 170 x 5
    • 195 x 8
  • Assistance – Barbell Incline Press
    • 135 x 10/9/7/6/6
  • Assistance – Pull-ups (superset between each pressing set)
    • BW (band-assisted) x 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/4/4/4/3
  • Assistance – DB Rows
    • 55 x 10 x 2 sets
    • 55 x 15

I like how today went.

Benching was good. In talking with allthewaydoc, I mentioned how I was going to try something with my foot positioning to help me anchor down. In short, curl my toes up. It’s something I took from deadlifting as a way to get the weight off the balls of your feet and onto the middle of the foot and/or heel. If this bench position is to be about pressing the heels in to get the leg drive, why not try it.

I need to do it a few more times, but so far it seems promising. I found myself getting more leg drive and feeling more stable. I felt like I was actually able to push in the right direction.. .that is, like trying to scoot my head off the end of the bench, instead of driving my hips into the air. I still need a good arch to get things locked and positioned right, which then also is needing me to find a better starting point for my feet so they’re in a good position to push. I’ll have to work to find the groove, but so far this is promising.

The weight felt light. Cranking out 8 reps with 195 wasn’t too bad at all. I hope this means I’m going to break some PR’s here soon and be back on track with my benching.

I am liking incline barbell presses more. It puts me in a different path, and a different range of motion. I feel a lot of work in my chest and triceps — my arms were like jelly towards the end of the session. I think the heavier work is good too

Pullups… went to 5 reps. It kicked my butt and was a contributing factor towards the jelly-arms. I made a decision that once I hit 5 reps across for the 11 sets, I’m going to reduce the band-assistance. The strap contraption thingy uses 3 tubes right now. I’ll try dropping it down to only 2 tubes and see how things go.

I also muffed up… should have done 60# on the rows instead of 55, but gee… that was fine with the jelly arms.

Another mess up was not benching in the squat “rack”. I need to find my place there so when I try to 1RM with Joker Sets at the end of this cycle, I can have some sort of failsafe.

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