Deconstructing the argument

Trends. We look for them, we see them, we read a lot into them. We put a lot of stock in trends, whether it’s hairstyles, clothing, music, the stock market, the business world, or just how people behave.

When you see that pattern emerge, then when you see the pattern repeated again and again, you can gain some insight into the pattern-maker.

I think it was Kathy Jackson that posted this article by Chris Hernandez about Everything that’s wrong with the argument against protecting schools with guns

It’s a good read that deconstructs the common arguments given as to why we shouldn’t use people armed with guns to protect our schools, or why we shouldn’t have lawful concealed carry, or other such topics. I think what’s most insightful is Chris’ examination of where these patterns come from: their assumptions, their bias. He works to go to the root of the matter and address those and how, because of those misconceptions, any argument built on top of them just doesn’t hold. It’s tough to build upon a false foundation.

“Killing a human crosses a line that most people can’t do.”

Standing there and doing nothing before someone kills you crosses a line. Taking no action at all as a murder massacres children crosses a line. You think the resistance to killing another human is so great, people would literally rather watch someone murder dozens of children than take action to stop them?

It’s a good read. Gave me a different perspective. Go read.

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