Guest of Sunday Metal – W – Savatage

When I write up the Sunday Metal posts, frequently I choose themes or take inspiration from somewhere. For a while I’ve thought about having some guest postings, and that starts now.

The next some posts will be from my close friend, W. He’s flown the flag of metal for many years, including being a metal radio DJ around the same time I was (tho we didn’t meet until after). We’ve been friends for many years, been to numerous shows together, and share a love of the music. So I figured he’d make a good first guest to Sunday Metal. So with that, onwards!

Before they turned into a heavy-drama rock opera yawn-factory, Savatage was awesome. All the way through “Hall Of The Mountain King”, their brand of groovy thrash and traditional heavy metal and disturbingly dark lyrics is worth seeking out. Start here with Sirens, and see if you can keep yourself from nodding or tapping your foot while trying to screech along with Jon Oliva’s clipped “Ooh..Ah! Aaah!” cadence.
I like to pretend that nothing after the “Hall Of The Mountain King” album exists.

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