Trans-Siberian Orchestra, 2012 Winter Tour Review

Yesterday afternoon the family went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This is our fourth time seeing them in concert, and it’s always an enjoyable experience.

But this time was a lot more enjoyable — especially for Youngest.

Like all TSO shows, it’s a giant rock concert with loads of class, music blending classical and rock (hey, all the guys behind TSO are heavy metal guys), lights, lasers, smoke, pyrotechnics… just a great time. This year was different from years past in that their 3rd album, The Lost Christmas Eve, was the focus of the first half of the show. It was a great choice and welcome change. Still, the storytelling was awesome, and overall production top-notch, as always.

We did notice some differences, like the show was tighter. A little less banter and talk, a little less improv, and the second half “rock concert” didn’t have any noticeable covers or jams. But that’s all good because again, it made for a nice change in the show. We stopped going to see them for a little bit because it was “the same thing” over and over, which was OK but you know… you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it again, and why spend all that money again? So we really liked the change. We do hope as they put out more non-Christmas albums to try to catch them on one of their non-winter tours.

I am a member of the TSO Fan Club, and because of that I’m able to get early tickets and good seats at the shows. This was no exception, and I chose some nice floor seats. Not too close, not too far back, but close enough to really see everything yet far enough back to be able to take in the whole of the show. Well… I think because we had such good placement, we got a treat.

Before the show started, while we were just sitting and waiting, a member of the road crew came up to us and pointed at Youngest and asked if he’d like to come on stage at the end of the show and receive a present from the band. Whoa! Of course we said yes. He asked a few questions (e.g. first time seeing the band? no, fourth), we discussed the logistics, and that was settled. He would come over to us during the last song to get us, then walk us over to the end/side of the stage where there are steps, and then Youngest would go on stage with the band and receive a gift.

And so it happened.

Youngest, taking a bow with Trans-Siberian Orchestra… with his autographed guitar!

He came up on stage, they gave him a guitar, autographed by the band. They gave him a chance to say something, but he didn’t — he told us later he was just in shock and giddy from it all, had no idea what to say being up there with them in front of 5000 people. 🙂

But he really enjoyed it and it was such a cool moment for him and our family. I know it’s a moment we’ll never forget.

If you’ve never seen TSO live, you’re missing out on a great experience. Go see them if you get the chance.

5 thoughts on “Trans-Siberian Orchestra, 2012 Winter Tour Review

    • Display. It’s a cheap “novelty” guitar. I mean, I’m sure it plays if you plug it in, but it’s not made for playing — it’s made for smashing at the end of concerts, or giveaways like this. You don’t give away a $1000 guitar every night. 🙂 Either way tho, with all those autographs, you wouldn’t want to play it anyways. I’ll be buying a hanger for his room soon.

  1. Agree with all you said. We went last night to the show in Dallas. They said it was their 9th show in a row. 9 shows in 5 days to be exact. This has become a holiday tradition for us and this was I think, our 9th or 10 consecutive show. The first time we saw them was at a small venue called the Nokia center. They quickly outgrew that spot and now sell out two shows at the American Airlines Center. I did kind of miss “Old City Bar” though.

    • I miss “Old City Bar” too! But the change was nice. I’m curious if “Lost Christmas Eve” will be their staple for the next few years and then… “Christmas Attic”? Or maybe let the first half be all the Christmas favorites? Because yeah… I liked seeing the live performance of “Old City Bar”.

      Merry Christmas!

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