The M&P – starting to carry

I believe the last entry I made about my M&P was this one, talking about accuracy issues.

Actually no, it was this one. 🙂

But both are important, if you care about backstory.

I ended up ordering sights from Dawson Precision. The rear sight is a Charger fixed rear, black, 0.125″ notch, serrated, item #018-190. Dawson says to match it up with their 0.180″ tall front. But in discussing things with my fellow KR Training instructors, that didn’t seem to wash by experiences and calculations. I ended up getting a fiber optic inserted front sight, 0.170″ tall x 0.100″ wide, item #021-039. So, a hundredth of an inch shorter. May not seem like much, but it matters.

Took me a little while to get them, since the Charger was on backorder. Then it was a matter of getting somewhere to install them. In the end I just took it to McBride’s and had their gunsmiths install it. First time I used them for smith work, and it went OK.

Unfortunately I’ve had no time to take it to the range to see how things perform, until this past Saturday. Was teaching at KR Training, so I knew I could get in a little range time. Alas, because I was teaching, it was truly just a little time. I didn’t have time to sit down and methodically poke at things, set up targets, shoot from distances with different ammos, and see how things performed. But I did get to shoot some, and Karl shot it too.

I mostly shot Speer Gold Dot 9mm 124 grain +P. Shot shy of 100 rounds. Karl had his small steel range fully set up, so I just shot on that range. I had no problems hitting anything I aimed at, from 10 yards to 25+. There’s one “hostage target” that has a 6″ plate that flaps when you hit it, but it’s partially obscured so maybe 4″ or so is actually exposed. Backing up to 25 yards and even a little beyond? No problems hitting it over and over and over again. I switched to some of my practice ammo (my handloads) and there too had no problems hitting things.

At this point, I feel confident enough in the gun and the setup to begin carrying the gun, and so I did. All through classes that Saturday I carried it, and it stayed on my hip on the way home. The XD-9 Service is being put to rest — for now. But I’m still not 100% sold on the M&P.

First, I want to do some more methodical shooting with the gun on paper to see how the groups are behaving. How are things grouping? Where’s point of impact vs. point of aim? etc.

Second, I just need to keep shooting it to see how things go. Just need to collect more data over time in more shooting situations and contexts. Sure I’ve put what now? maybe 1000 rounds or so through the gun? That’s just not enough. It’s not so much confidence in the gun, but ensuring I can accept how the gun performs. If it’s grouping 3-4″ at 25 yards, is that acceptable enough for me, especially when my XD-9 with the factory barrel groups 2.5″ with my handloads? Just have to see how well I can live with the performance. And some may say why would I use the gun then? Well, there’s more to the M&P than just the accuracy. There’s some ergonomic issues that just aren’t as ideal with the XD as the M&P. There’s a lot of factors in play. Only time will tell for me.

But, at least I move along.

2 thoughts on “The M&P – starting to carry

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