Why am I making this so hard?

I went to the local indoor range today to do a little more investigation with the M&P.

Last time I had determined everything was hitting low, but it was difficult to get a good feel for things because my eyes were hating it. So today I went and started at 25 yards. Bench rest. Speer Gold Dot 124 grain +P. Let’s see how my chosen carry ammo performs. The intent is to figure out what size/height sights I need to get my point of impact to be the same as my point of aim at 25 yards. Dawson Precision has this nice diagram and equation to help figure it out. Just what sights should I order….

On the whole I’d say things came in about 4.5″ low. My eyes still hated it, but groups were in the 3-4″ range and likely could be better under better conditions with a better shooter.

Due to that, I opted to try again at 10 yards. It should give me a reasonable similar number when I do the sight height math, and help me control the eyes factor.  Here things were about 2″ low and mabye 1.5″ groups.

Doing the math, things came out about the same, but nothing really meshed with products Dawson sells.

And then it hit me.

This is all hinged upon the rear sight height remaining the same.

That will not be the case. I will be changing the rear sight too.


So none of this matters. All this work for nothing. I could have just ordered a set of sights and been done with or. Or rather, at least get the rear sight I knew I wanted, then start to adapt the front sight from there. This is the sound of me banging my head into the desk for being stupid. *sigh*

Oh well.

I want a Dawson Charger rear sight. So looking at all the ones they have, this is the model. Plain (well, serrated) black; no tritium, no dots, no fiber, no nothing. 0.125″ width notch. They say to pair with a specific front sight, but I can’t find that (maybe some old stock number?). But at least it needs to be a 0.180″ high sight. I do want a fiber there, so I’m using this model. Red fiber, 0.180″ tall, 0.100″ wide.

I’m going to phone Dawson to put in the order, so I can ensure I get the right stuff.

I’ll get these, get them installed, then try yet again to see how the POA vs. POI is, and if I THEN need to get a new front, then I will.

I’ve been dry firing this gun every day and am very anxious and eager to get it dialed in and on my hip in regular rotation. I put another 50 rounds of Gold Dot through it today, and then another 50 of the 124 grain American Eagle. Boy… that AE fluctuates a lot. I’d have some rounds that would jar me, others that felt like a mouse fart. The way the vents were blowing air behind me, every time I’d shoot an AE round there’d be this cloud of smoke in my field of vision… ugly stuff. I should have shot some of my reloads for comparison.

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