Sunday Metal – Ron Young

This isn’t really “metal”, but it’ll work for this regular blog feature.

Ron Young is probably best know as the lead singer of the band Little Caesar. I always loved that band, and still do. Just straight ahead rock-and-roll, blues based, hooks, riffs, soul. They had attitude, presence… but most of all, they had Ron Young’s voice.

I always thought Ron had a fantastic voice. Listen to their best known single, a cover of “Chain of Fools”

Or off the same s/t album, another cover… “Wish It Would Rain”

I picked the two covers because they come with a frame of reference, and I think really showcase the soul that Ron has in his voice.

In 2009 they released a new album, “Redemption” and made a video for the song “Supersonic”

It shows the band hasn’t missed a beat. And whereas when a lot of guys age and their voice goes, Ron’s is still as strong as ever.

Ron did a stint in a “supergroup” called Manic Eden. Here’s a track, “Do Angels Die”

If you’ve never heard of Little Caesar, if these sound good to you, they’re a band worth checking out. I wish they could have hit it bigger, but the stars just didn’t align for them. But they’re still out, touring around. I’d love ’em to come to Austin. 🙂

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  1. Not metal, but it’s still great rock. Haven’t heard Chain of Fools in years; thank you!

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