Feeling worse

Sore throat still present, now with extra scratchiness!

To top it off… I screwed up my ankle last night.

I had just fallen asleep when I hear this sudden crash from the kitchen, Wife, and various Kiddo voices freaking out. It jolts me out of bed, I run towards the kitchen. Lots of “SASHA! SASHA!” and crashing going on, panicked sounding. I was wondering if the dog got one of the cats? the kids? Completely out of the question. No alarm going off, so no one broke into the house… but all this noise and freaking out! What could it be?


You see, Sasha likes to help out when someone is doing dishes. Put a dish in the dishwasher rack and puppydog likes to lick off anything she can find. Seems last night when she was done helping she turned to leave but her collar or tags got stuck in the bottom rack and she pulled the rack along with her… which freaked her out, then of course dishes and silverware clinking and crashing, which freaked her out more, but being it was all attached to her she couldn’t get away and so it just continued to be a horrible situation for the poor dog. Wife was able to intercept her, stop her, and free her, but oh the poor dog…. she was so freaked out. 😦

I screwed up my ankle because as I tore around through the hallway I slipped and came crashing to the ground. I was basically crawling into the kitchen last night… the kids said it was quite a sight.

What a mess. 🙂

I’m still all sore this morning, can’t speak well, can’t walk well… but I’m just hoping that Sasha isn’t scarred for life now, afraid of the kitchen, afraid of dishes clinking. Wife did a little “rehab” work with her last night before bed, coaxing her with some treats back into the kitchen. I hear puppy awake now, so I’m going to go see how she’s doing.

16 thoughts on “Feeling worse

  1. Poor puppy! (poor you! stay off that ankle for a bit!) So far my pup hasn’t figured out he can LICK the plates, he just tries to steal them when I’m filling the dishwasher!

  2. Ok, so comedic content aside… (and sorry you jacked your ankle, that’s never cool…)

    What does this tell you about being awoken in the middle of the night by a loud noise (or your alarm) and reaching for something a little more lethal than a dinner plate?

    • Oh yes. Once everything calmed down and the immediate fire was put out, that’s been rolling around and around and around in my head. Just didn’t write on it because I have no firm answers yet.

      I did figure however that if in fact there was an intruder, he would have been stopped dead in his tracks from laughing himself to death. 😉

      • I don’t have a solid “proper” answer for you. I seem to be “lucky” enough to usually come awake right away, or close to it. I consciously pause and assess what’s going on before taking action – I’ve gotten to be reasonably quick about it, unless I’m ill, or something to that effect. There’s a tendency to want to immediately take action when you get dragged back into consciousness and there seems to be an emergency at hand, but that’s not the best state of mind to be in when you have to make life or death decisions, for sure.

        Like most things, exposure and subsequent inoculation have seemed to help, to some extent. Other than that, though, I’m not sure I have much to offer on this, other than conversation 😉

        • This is actually a good point, and something I hadn’t contemplated.

          I’ve had a few times where something went boom while I was out and my reaction was heading on in there. But there’s all sorts of problems with that, and those came to me. Like, what if someone did break in… I didn’t take a gun with me. Or if I had taken a gun with me, I’m sure I would have scared the daylights out of the family since they knew what was going on and that it wasn’t needed for the situation.

          So yes, I thought about all of this in the past 12 hours, but what you offer here is actually a very good idea… work to pause, collect yourself. That I don’t need to spring into immediate action, that I should spring into immediate… uh… “processing”… shake out the cobwebs, assess, then go. I think basically in the OODA loop my brain observed ugly noises, oriented towards the kitchen, decided to go there, and off I did (and slipped and screwed up my ankle). Instead, I should have spent a little more time CONSCIOUSLY observing.

          Thanx for the idea. 🙂

  3. Good post and lots of great observations in the comments.

    What I haven’t seen is one I thought would have been obvious:

    If you can go down in that hallway while in a hurry, what is to stop someone else from going down and possibly doing more than hurting an ankle?

    We talk safety in regards to intruders and such, but the mundane slip and falls are more likely.

    Slip resistant rug perhaps?

    How many other slippery spots in the house that could spill you over if you are responding to an actual emergency?
    I know I have a couple in our house; the hallway to the bedrooms can be treacherous in socks or on dry feet.

    Now I’m going to have to stage a house clearance drill in various stages of being shod to double check.

    • Yup. That’s another thing I’ve been thinking about: how to deal with the floor. No good answers yet… tho Wife jokingly suggested some of those no-slip skid things that you find in bathtubs. 🙂

          • I like the idea of slip resistant rugs (or regular throw rugs with slip resistant pads. They can be attached at edges and corners with a couple basic stiches). Course if your puppy is like my puppy she’ll pull them to pieces (mine actually prefer’s no skid pads over the carpet….).

            • We’ve got a few such rugs about, but somehow they get messed up… bunched up, cats tear at them, dog slides and the carpet ends up bunched up somewhere.

              So, it’s a possible thought, but not an ideal solution.

  4. First off, the entire scene needs to be put to Benny Hill music. Truly the only theme that would do it justice. As to OMG, what if it was a real bad situation? I dunno. After Army boot I slept light for several years. Having a trashcan thrown down the middle of the barracks and a few bivouaks did wonders in that area. Over the years though I’ve gone back to being able to sleep through a tornado as easily as I did in my youth (true story there). I guess one small blessing/curse of getting older though is I don’t sleep as well any more.

    • Ah yes, Yakety Sax makes everything funny. 🙂

      I do tend to sleep deep, but it seems to depend. Based upon what wakes me up, I think I’m tuned into “shit happening”… Wife is tuned into the subtle things with the Kiddos. Still, what Dave mentioned above I think is good. My OODA loop kicked in in the subconscious… or at least, a very groggy conscious. I need to Observe that I was “out of it” and reorient myself to a new “conscious” loop before I Decide and Act. Not 100% sure how I’ll train and condition myself for that, but hopefully at least being aware of it is a good first step.

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