Lazarus A.D. – May 13, 2011, Austin, Texas

I became a fan of Lazarus A.D. a couple years ago. They were the opening act for Testament, and while we weren’t able to catch their whole set, they impressed me and buddy W enough that we bought their CD there at the show. Been a big fan ever since.

A few months ago their new album, “Black Rivers Flow” came out. Finally! Unfortunately they came through Austin on Valentine’s Day so there was no way I could make the show. 🙂  But Lazarus has established themselves as a touring band, constantly on the road. I knew they’d be back and sure enough they were… Friday May 13, 2011, Emo’s. The bill was HeadCrusher, Lazarus A.D., and headliners Cavalera Conspiracy.

I went to the show, because I wanted to see Lazarus A.D.. That’s all I cared about. 🙂

Doors opened, I head in. I see Jeff Paulick behind the merch counter. I head over, buy a shirt, talk with him a bit. That’s one thing about this band: they are a band for the fans. Throughout the night I was able to speak with Jeff, Dan, and Alex (missed Ryan). Approachable, friendly, and just nice and humble guys. Asked for pictures, no refusal. Of course, they’re not millionaires, so they’re doing their own merch, their own load in and load out… no roadies here. And I figure they had to do their own tire change when it blew out on their way to Austin. You just want to support these guys because they’re working hard and having a good time while doing it.

When they finally hit the stage, they knew they had 45 minutes to tear the house down. I could tell all that time on the road the past couple years had really sunk in and paid off. They weren’t just up on stage, they owned the stage. They put on a good show, despite the cramped stage there at Emo’s. I was right up front, which as a fan is where I wanted to be, but unfortunately the way Emo’s p.a. is set up I heard more from off the stage than the p.a., so I couldn’t hear much for vocals and I wasn’t getting the full house mix. However, being right in front of Dan and Ryan’s drum set, hearing the drums 3 yards in front of me off the stage instead of through the p.a. I could hear every nuance of Ryan’s drumming and damn he’s good.

If I remember the set list:

  1. The Ultimate Sacrifice
  2. Thou Shall Not Fear
  3. Absolute Power
  4. Last Breath
  5. Black Rivers Flow
  6. Light a City (Up in Smoke)
  7. Revolution
  8. Rebirth
  9. Who I Really Am

If I messed that up and you were at the show, please correct me. 🙂  I thought it was a good setlist. I admit I thought it would have been cool if they played something like “Up On Stage” since it was their last night on the tour, but no worries. You have 45 minutes and you make the best of it.

After the show was done and the stage cleared, I spoke with Dan and Alex, and then had to head out. Yes, I left before CC ever took the stage. Nothing against Max and Igor, I love (old) Sepultura, but I came for one reason and one reason only: to see Lazarus A.D.. I came, I saw, they kicked ass. Can’t wait for them to come through Austin again, hopefully as headliners… or at least on a stage with more room.

And hopefully they’ll van will hold together long enough for them to make it home. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lazarus A.D. – May 13, 2011, Austin, Texas

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