Improvised Weapons – Magazine

While we all would prefer to have the right tool for the job, sometimes you just have to roll with what’s available to you. Improvised tools and weaponry is better than nothing.

A rolled up magazine? Yes, you could use that as an improvised weapon. A lot of dan bong techniques can be applied using a rolled up magazine.

But really… the best thing about using a magazine as a weapon? The comedy gold:

Updated: hrm. Seems the video changed to private after I posted it. Updated with new link.

12 thoughts on “Improvised Weapons – Magazine

  1. I actually watched someone get taken down with a rolled magazine back about thirty years ago. The guy with the magazine jabbed him in the solar plexus, groin, and throat, in that order. Took the fight right out of his attacker.

    • There you go.

      A rolled magazine is pretty stiff. I don’t deny it’s utility as an improvised weapon.

      The video tho? Just funny. 🙂

      • He went easy on his attacker; it would have been just as easy to take out one of his eyes with the magazine. As it was he just ended up with some temporary pains and a loss of dignity.

    • Hrm. It was watchable when I posted this. I guess the video owner must have changed it.

      No matter. There’s more than 1 copy of it on YouTube. Searching for “rolled up magazine” is all you need.

      I updated the post with a working video… and hopefully it will continue to work.

      • Love the ending…offers seat then smacks him and tells him not to do that again.

        Maybe if more parents had offered similar lessons to their young, we would have less problems today.

        • Oh, I hear lots of “don’t do that again” from many modern parents. The important part is if the kids do do it again they get the smack put down on them. They have to learn that all actions have consequences, good and bad. Do things that obtain good consequences, avoid things that bring bad ones. If they do bad things and there are no bad consequences, bad things will continue to be done.

          So… parents need to follow through and be firm in their threats.

  2. I could not see the video, either. But I remember a great scene from a Trevanian book, The Loo Sanction, in whhich a rolled up magazine was used to good effect.

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