Lockhart BBQ Wars

On the cable TV channel, Travel Channel, they have a new show called “Food Wars“.

Normally I don’t care for such things, but when I saw a commercial for the Lockhart, Texas BBQ battle, well… I can’t resist wanting to watch this episode.

I love the BBQ from Lockhart so much that I go there just to buy food and bring it home to eat. Yes there are BBQ joints closer to me, but none come close to what is produced in Lockhart. Yes I personally prefer Black’s BBQ, but Smitty’s does make good brisket. There’s of course Kreuz’s but I just haven’t been impressed with them, to be honest. What I like about Chisholm Trail BBQ is actually eating there… a strange and warm nostalgia about it all. Now I must say, much of what I say about this rests upon evaluation of their brisket because in many respects, beef brisket is what Texas BBQ is about; Black’s wins hands down. But sausage is something too, and for that I’d prefer Smitty’s… the way Black’s grinds their sausage, it’s OK but not my preferred texture. Of course if you want sides, Chisholm and Blacks have you covered, but if all you want are beans and potato salad well, anywhere will suit you. I will give Kreuz’s credit for offering tortillas… mmmmm.

Thing is folks, if you haven’t tried the Lockhart BBQ joints then you just don’t know Texas BBQ and how yes there is a difference and how yes things are better in Lockhart. It shows that competition is good and helps to foster better products.

So yes, I’ll be watching Food Wars this evening. I’m curious to see how it goes. It won’t settle anything, but I’m sure my mouth will be watering.

If you’ve never experienced Lockhart BBQ and you’re in the area, let me know. I’ll be happy to take you around. 🙂

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