I am there

Megadeth. Testament. Exodus.

On tour together during March 2010.

They will be in Austin.

I will be there.

Megadeth is headlining. 20th anniversary of “Rust In Peace” and they’ll be playing the whole album. Awesome. I must admit to not being the biggest Megadeth fan because far too often when Dave Mustaine opens his mouth it just makes me want to smack him… either because he’s saying something stupid or because his “singing” voice is rather whiney. Nevertheless, Megadeth’s place in metal history cannot be denied, they’ve got a lot of great songs, and I actually look forward to the show. “Rust In Peace” is a fantastic album. In fact, the new album, “United Abominations” is really good; that new guitarist is amazing.

I’d say if there was any band on the bill that I truly wanted to see, it’s Testament. I’ve seen then a couple times in recent years and they’ve been solid. I think I’ve become a bigger Testament fan these days than I ever have been before (since the “Practice” days). Just solid and bone-crushing thrash.

Exodus. Meh. I mean, I love “Fabulous Disaster” and some of their other stuff. No question they put out some good heavy thrash. But I’ve just never been into them. Don’t hate ’em, don’t love ’em, just indifferent. But I still expect they’ll crush for the 30 minutes or so they are on stage.

Should be on hell of a show. Why don’t you have your ticket yet?