What to do, what to do

This coming weekend (Feb. 5-7, 2010) Cabela’s is having a special promotion for NRA Members: 10% off all purchases. If you don’t have a Cabela’s nearby, I believe you can use the same promotion via their website. (Correction: seems the only thing you get online is free shipping, not the 10% discount. Bummer). All you have to do is obtain the coupon in your latest issue of your official NRA magazine (whichever you get) and you’re good to go. Being an (Endowment) Life Member of the NRA, I figure this is a good weekend to finally get some things I’ve been needing… and perhaps wanting.

Updated: this should be a link that takes you to the Cabelas.com website about the weekend.

On the need side, I’m out of some reloading components, most notably .38 Special bullets. So might as well pick them up this weekend with the 10% discount.

If you’re a regular reader, you also know I’ve been throwing around the idea of getting a new folder knife. Last time I checked, Cabela’s didn’t have anything that tickled my interest, but no harm in looking again as I know my criteria has changed since I last looked in their knife case.

I’ve had a minor itch to get a Hi-Point Carbine, just because it’d be fun.

I’ve also been wanting to get a 1911-style handgun, but given I’m really leaning towards an STI and Cabela’s doesn’t sell them that’s unlikely to happen this weekend.

Ah who knows. Just dreaming right now… and thankful that I can dream.

4 thoughts on “What to do, what to do

  1. I wonder if it works on sale items.

    They’ve got this left-handed Savage on sale right now. With another 10% off that would be pretty tempting …

    • It has the usual “cannot be combined with any other offer” sorts of things. It’s a good question tho. Call them and ask.

  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it would appear as though the coupons I received in my copy of American Rifleman specifically indicates that it is only good for in-store use: “This offer is valid on Cabela’s U.S. store’s merchandise only.” Additionally, the Free Shipping coupon has a specific online-use promo code, while the 10% off coupon does not.

    Bah. Stupid Cabela’s not having stores in TN.

    • Oh damn. I swore it was to be offered online as well.

      Ah, I see. Online it’s free shipping.

      That sucks. 😦

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