Personal Responsibility

TXGunGeek has rather a good rant today.

He recalls a situation he was involved in, where someone got injured, as an EMT he responded and did everything he could to save the guy’s life. Unfortunately the injuries were too severe and the person died. What did TXGunGeek get for his trouble? A lawsuit.

Reading TXGunGeek’s recounting of the story just made my blood boil. You really need to go read it.

The bottom line? It was everyone else’s fault this guy died. It wasn’t his own fault for being illegally in this country. It wasn’t his own fault for working for this company for “under the table money”. It wasn’t his own fault for walking behind an 18-wheeler dump truck. No. It was everyone else’s fault.


This guy was responsible for his actions and everyone else was being blamed.

Unfortunately it has just gotten worse in this litigious society where not only does everyone sue everyone else, but, everyone blames someone else for what happened. It cannot be the fault of the person who actually did the action. It has to be the car or it’s manufacturer, the bartender, the gun or it’s manufacturer, seller or distributor, the trampoline manufacturer, the road crew or whoever.

Of course, much of this is drive by greed. Suing TXGunGeek really didn’t matter that much, because he didn’t have deep pockets (but hey, milk everyone you can, right?). Gotta sue the ones that have the deep pockets, because often it’s not about winning the lawsuit, just causing enough hell and grief to get paid off.

Scum suckers.

People need to be responsible for their own actions and parents are responsible for their children until they are old enough to be held responsible for themselves. Parents NOT SCHOOLS OR THE GOVERNMENT are responsible for teaching their children that they are going to be held responsible for their actions and just what that means.

Rant on, Brother Geek.

2 thoughts on “Personal Responsibility

  1. The same goes on in the world of LE.

    When someone sues over an LE matter, they sue the city, the chief of police, and any officer who’s name appears in or on the police report.

    They are hoping to milk everyone for what they are worth. Thankfully, most of those kinds of cases get dismissed.

    I remember reading a case in New Mexico, where a son sued a bunch of people (City, a doctor, all the EMTs, etc) because his father had a heart attack and they weren’t able to save him. What makes it even more interesting, was as part of the lawsuit, he sued a cop who arrived 10 minutes AFTER his father had already passed. The guy won the lawsuit, and the cop went broke, even though he had no association with what had happened.

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