Slayer – World Painted Blood

I’ve been a Slayer fan for gosh… long enough to realize I’m old. 😉

Today Slayer released their latest album, “World Painted Blood”. iTunes Music Store had it, so it was a quick download and start to listen.

It’s a Slayer album, no question. Dave Lombardo back on drums makes a difference. And there is something about this album’s vibe that’s different. The songwriting is very mature. Songs have Slayer-like composition, but there’s gosh… it’s hard to explain and something you just have to listen to. “Snuff”, “Not of This God”, “World Painted Blood”… there’s something different and very mature and evolved about the song writing and structure. “Playing With Dolls” is just creepy. There’s fast, there are tempo changes, intricate passages and flat out thrash. I’m still listening to the album, probably giving it a lot more spins before I reach a final verdict, but so far the album feels strong.

The real interesting question is, what does the future hold for Slayer? This is their last album in their current contract. Tom Araya just went in for emergency back surgery (today in fact). There has been talk about “the end” because they do see something not right about 50-60 year old men up on stage playing this sort of music. But right now? Who cares. Tom heal up, get back on tour, and just enjoy things in the here and now. The future will be whatever it will be.


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