Go Vote

Today is election day in the US.

Go vote.

I know the races may not be that glamorous, but they’re still important. If you don’t know what’s on the ballot or how to vote, then Google is your friend. Find your local county clerk’s office or local election board and find out what’s on your ballot.

Here in Texas, we’re voting on 11 Texas State Constitutional amendments.

Bob S. gives us his rundown.

Here’s the Texas Libertarian Party’s take.

Be mindful of the language/wording. If you’re not sure what something means, look it up. Don’t just look at the surface “oh that sounds good” or “that sounds reasonable, why would anyone want to vote against that?”. Consider the deeper, long term impacts. For instance, Texas’ proposed amendment 9 — I fail to see why that should become a “right”. Bob S. considers the bigger picture:


Access to state beaches is already protected, probably too much, so why do we need another amendment. This one forces people who aren’t on the shore to grant access if the shore line changes over time or due to natural causes (hurricanes for example). No one should have to give up their property or control of their property without due compensation. I don’t see the amendment providing for that.


So it sounds like a “no brainer” to vote yes on that, but don’t let your surface reading influence you. Think deeper. When in doubt, don’t codify it into law. If it’s that important, if it’s that necessary, it will be able to happen (again) down the line, and hopefully with more discussion and debate behind it. But if it’s a bad thing and get rushed into law, especially a Constitutional amendment, it’s going to be difficult to undo the damage. Government should be minimal and slow.

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