Another class – post mortem

Helped out with another Basic Pistol 1 class today.

There were 10 people in the class, 6 were female. Wide range of ages of folks too.

The class was good. People got to learn a lot, set a solid foundation, and try out a bunch of handguns to figure out what worked best for them. One of the best things about this course is the smorgasbord of handguns you get to shoot, because it helps you figure out what works right for you. The biggest issue is gun fit and being able to find a gun that fits you, thus you’ll be able to shoot well. You walk out of that class with the knowledge of how to be able to shop for a gun, how to buy ammo for it, and the basics of how to shoot it with good technique.

In today’s class, I happened to have my Springfield XD-9 Subcompact with me. I let people shoot it next to a full-sized XD-9 so they could compare and contrast. My point? I wanted them to see that you will shoot a large gun better than a small gun (all other things being equal, but for size). Larger guns have more frame to grip so you can get more  hand on them and better control them. Larger guns have a longer sight radius, so you can be more accurate. Larger guns are a little heavier, so they will absorb recoil better. This isn’t to say you can’t shoot a small gun well (more in a moment), but as a beginner you’ll find more success if you start out with a larger gun. Smaller guns are more concealable, but with the right strategy you can conceal a full sized gun without much problem.

On the small gun note, I actually did some shooting with my subcompact today and was quite pleased with the results. I don’t shoot that gun a lot, but because I’ve been improving my skills on the larger guns, all that came back down here. The only thing that wasn’t fun about shooting the subcompact was it has the factory sights: big fat front sight that fills up most of the rear notch (little light on the sides, harder to get things lined up), 3 white dots although I did black out the back 2 dots. I just like my Dawson Precision sights. Nevertheless, I was shooting some timed drills and did quite well because while I knew I had to shoot fast to make time I didn’t sacrifice good form for time… I didn’t rush just to get the shots off in time. I even recall a few times distinctly withholding the shot until I had the proper sight picture, my eyes focused on the front sight.

Speed is important, but I’d say accuracy is more important. No one cares about the first person to get the wrong answer, to miss, to screw up. Use good technique. Watch that front sight.

And I got to ride my motorcycle to and from the range. Gosh it’s hot out. 🙂  I’ve been having thoughts about selling my bike, but I enjoyed the ride too much today. I may not ride as much as I used to, but I think I’d be unhappy if I sold her.

2 thoughts on “Another class – post mortem

  1. Curse you and mentioning your bike… I am struggling with possibly getting a scoot myself, and struggling more with convincing Better Half it would be a good idea.

    • ha ha ha ha…. 🙂

      Wife doesn’t really care for my bike. She’s never been on mine and refuses to do so. That’s OK, as the bike is really my own thing, my v-twin therapy.

      What helped convince Wife was a few things: I took a rider safety course before anything else; I paid cash for the bike; I wear full gear all the time (full-faced helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, boots, everything… even in this 100+ Texas summer heat); I practice skills from time to time (that Cabela’s parking lot is great for practice since it’s huge and the back lot is often empty); I watch videos like “Ride Like a Pro” and practice this skills; I ride very conservative… tho of course I love to rip it off the line from stoplights… I just expect every cager is unaware and more focused on everything other than driving and ride accordingly. Basically, I want to have a long riding career, so I want to do all that I can to ensure that. I have been down twice; neither bad, but they sure reinforce that wearing all the gear all the time, especially a good full-face helmet, is vital to happiness and keeping the Wife sane. 🙂

      Being in Austin probably helps a bit too. Due to having a very long riding season (you can ride all year if you want), people are fairly used to seeing motorcycles on the road. Plus being in Austin, home of the Republic of Texas Biker Rally, people here get to see and experience bikes more than enough. Heck, in the past couple years due to the rising cost of gas and all the hipsters and hippies in town, you see a lot of scooters now. Two-wheeled vehicles are more and more popular, and I think that helps because drivers have to experience them more. I think it plays out well.

      If you need some help in convincing Better Half, let me know. 👿

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