Mmm… sausage

Just got back from Johnny G’s Butcher Block, where they processed my pigs from my last hunt.

Got about 30 lbs. of sausage made. Got their “regular” sausage, smoked. As soon as I got home I put one link in a frying pan to heat it up and finish cooking it (it’s about 75% cooked).

My my my.

That was tasty. I like that they season things well, flavorful but not so strong that it’s overpowering. It’s very well balanced. Then the smoke… it was just a perfect smoky flavor. Not too much, not too little. As soon as I opened the pouch I smelled the smoke. It was heavenly.

So far, I’m liking the service and end-product coming out of Johnny G’s. Satisfied customer, willing to keep going back.

2 thoughts on “Mmm… sausage

  1. Awesome. While I don’t have any boar to process (yet) I’ve been wondering where to find a good butcher. I’ll have to give them a try.

    • I’ve been pleased with Johnny G so far. I have bought some of their products in the past too and really enjoyed it (bacon!). They’re way far south, so if you don’t mind the drive, try them out.

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