Sunday Metal – White Trash

You probably don’t remember White Trash. The had a minor hit back in 1991 with “Apple Pie” but for whatever reason never hit it big.

I enjoyed their debut album. It was a mix of metal, jazz, funk… and hell, they had a horn section. How cool was that?

I got to see these guys play at the legendary Hammerjacks in Baltimore. The show was great. They were all about having one big party, but were tight on stage. It was also probably the loudest concert I have ever been to. This was back when I thought ear plugs were just so uncool… I walked out of the club and my hearing was muffled, ears rang for days afterwards. That concert probably did more to damage my hearing that anything else in my life (I wear ear plugs now).

While “Apple Pie” may have been the single, I thought the album had better songs such as “Judge-Me-Do”, “Take My Soul”, “Po’ White Trash”, the bass intro to “Buzz!” was quite cool, “Backstage Pass”, and “The Crawl”

Apparently the band is back together. We’ll see if anything comes of it.

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