Learn to be still

While a “newer” song by The Eagles (tho what now, 15 years old?), I always thought the lyrics to “Learn To Be Still” were spot-on good advice:

If the flowers in your garden don’t smell so sweet, maybe you have forgotten the heaven lying at your feet.

Learn to be still.

Other “Hell Freezes Over” tracks were pretty spot-on with their messages too, like “Get Over It” and “Love Will Keep Us Alive” (that song holds a special place for me).

While growing up in the ’70s, The Eagles were a band that apparently I liked but didn’t know it. I listened to the radio a lot and would hear these songs I liked, but never knew who performed the song. The DJ would come in after the song was over and typically wouldn’t recount the songs they played, just ramble on into commercials and I would be left wondering who performed that song. Fast forward into my later teenage years and I learned who The Eagles were and had many “OH! That’s one of their songs?!? I’ve always liked that song! Nice to finally know who did it.” One of those was “I Can’t Tell You Why”; don’t know what it is about the song that I like, but this has always been a favorite Eagles song:

But the real point of this post isn’t about The Eagles, more about learning how to be still. Doesn’t mean you always have to be, but to know how to truly be still is, IMO, a good thing to have and know.

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