Sunday Metal – Metallica

Is Metallica metal? I would (still) say so. 🙂

Without question, Metallica is the most successful metal band the world has ever known. They have been through a lot, they have changed, and some old school fans refuse to even acknowledge them these days… or if they do, won’t call them “metal” but maybe just a “rock” band. This I can understand. After the black album the band changed their look and their song style. The whole Napster fiasco. St. Anger. Lars and James getting in touch with their feelings (banana stickers!). I can agree with this. When you have millions of dollars, when a big emotional moment in your life is auctioning off your artwork collection for millions of dollars… well… not that I have any problem with them being rich and enjoying success (I do think that’s awesome), I think it has detracted from what makes Metallica Metallica. Where’s the anger? Wanting your anger to be healthy? What happened to Alcoholica? How healthy was that? 🙂  There’s no question the Metallica of today is not the Metallica of old, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

I’m still a fan of Metallica. I see nothing wrong with their evolution and change. Any musical artist that has endured has changed. They change their look, their sound, their direction. Nothing too majorly radical (I don’t think we’ll see Metallica go country), but still they change. If things are the same over and over, then what’s to care about? Even if you hate it, at least you’re still caring about it… apathy is worse than dislike.

I recently picked up their new album, Death Magnetic. It’s better than St. Anger. It is closer to old-school, but it’s still new school Metallica. The only album I don’t listen to is S&M.

Love them or hate them, they’ll never stop, they’ll never quit, because they’re Metallica.