Nyko Perfect Shot for Wii

My mother bought the kids a Wii for Christmas. I have to admit, it’s a lot of fun. Growing up as a child of the video game age, we’ve come a long way from the Atari console’s “stick and one button” interface. Sure some Wii games aren’t very inventive in taking advantage of the platform, but most are and it’s neat to interact with games in a way that isn’t just button mashing.

I hear the kids downstairs playing on it right now, so on a whim I started to Google around to see what’s hot in Wii games right now. After a few clicks, I stumbled upon the Nyko Perfect Shot.

Want. Here’s an IGN review.

Nintendo makes their official Wii Zapper, but it pales. I mean look at the Perfect Shot: 1911-like styling; certainly more realistic in styling and ergonomics to a real pistol; the review reads like the trigger is pretty good; and look! Sights! That rules!

Oo… massive amounts of want.

But then, what game to get to go with it? Ghost Squad? Call of Duty: World at War? Medal of Honor Heros 2? Hrm…. 🙂

Updated: I caved. Went to the local GameStop and they had one in stock. Also a copy of Ghost Squad, which the guy working there (who has worked there a long time, has a trustworthy opinion regarding game stuff) said was a lot of fun. The game was even on sale this weekend, so bonus there. Didn’t cost me much for the two things. I haven’t played with it yet (got other things to do first), but I did take it out of the package and fondle it. The grip is very thick, probably to accomodate/balance the Wiimote’s size. I do like how they did the “pass-through” for the nunchuck. The trigger feels as good as you can expect for a little plastic contraption like this, but what tickled me was while it looks like a little pivot trigger, it actually slides back and forth just like a 1911 trigger would. Nifty. As soon as I get a chance to try it out, I’ll report back.

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