Cartoon Bop

Cartoon Network was tuned in on the TV.

A “commercial” comes on… one of those spots that has a montage of the network’s original shows and characters to promote the network itself. And then… the soundtrack.

Blitzkrieg Bop, by The Ramones

I don’t know what to make of it.

The Ramones being used as the bed music for a commercial to promote Time-Warner’s products.

Something just doesn’t seem right about that.

On the flip side, it should expose a new generation to The Ramones, which is cool.

But part of me wonders what people would think if instead we told them to beat on the(ir) brat with a baseball bat. 😉

Morning randomness

Went out this morning for a bit. A bunch of little things came up that aren’t worth a whole blog post, but I wanted to put down somewhere. Make one big post. 🙂

More from the snub-nose files

I opted to do a little snubby shopping this morning. I think I’ve settled on something like a Smith & Wesson 640: J-frame (or the like), all steel, chambered in .357 Magnum, fully enclosed hammer. Note that while I would like it to be chambered in .357, I don’t think I’d ever really want to shoot .357 out of it; probably just shoot .38 Special +P. I just think it’d be ideal to have it chambered in .357 so I could shoot it if that was needed; for instance, I needed that extra oomph, maybe that’s the only ammo I could find and would be better than nothing, etc..  The versatility and options from the chambering would be nice, but not required; I would be happy with just .38 +P.

Went to McBrides to see what they have. They had some stuff, but nothing like I wanted. In fact, on the drive home I also stopped into a pawn shop and a sporting goods store. Basically what seems to be carried has at least some aspect of what I don’t want. First, the predominant models are lightweight models, which I’m not sold on wanting. The all-steel models aren’t much heavier (tho I was amazed at just how lightweight that S&W M&P 340 felt, and I did like that U-ramp rear sight) and will be nicer to shoot. Then if they had a steel model it would have an exposed hammer. Or one third thing might be laser grips, which I don’t want. So, nothing in stock that I’d want, either new or used. But I do think that going used would be a way to go, if I can find it. 

Questionable Fund Raising

At many intersections here in Austin you’ll find people begging for money, food, pot (yes, I’ve seen requests for this on their signs), various other things. Oh yeah, they’re also disabled vets, anything helps, God bless. I’m not insensitive to the plight of the homeless, but the vast majority of the folks I see do this as their chosen way of life. I’ve seen them at various intersections around town over the years. If they’re truly someone in need of help, Austin is loaded with help; instead of walking up and down the intersection for a few hours and spending any money they get on booze, they could walk to the help facilities or buy a bus ticket or any manner of things to help themselves. But they don’t, because they don’t want to; they don’t want help. These folks are just freeloaders and parasites and I refuse to support that with my hard-earned money.

So then I see kids out there with signs saying they’re fund raising for their baseball team’s trip, or to help the basketball team reach the finals. Or some such thing. While that seems a more noble cause — and how can you place kids in the same boat — I have to question the tactics. That some adult leader of that group thought that begging for money would be a good way to raise funds, and that the rest of the adult leaders in the group went along with it and said yeah that’s a good idea. What a wonderful thing to teach the children, eh?

Motorcycle Parking Spaces

Do you know what a motorcycle parking space is? The same spaces that cars park in, unless a specific motorcycle parking space is designated (I’ve seen such things).

What isn’t a motorcycle parking space? Sidewalks, crosswalks, the walkway in front of a business door (that’s under the awning and out of the rain, but certainly isn’t a place for vehicles), handicapped walkways. I’m a motorcycle rider myself, but I just cannot stand when other motorcycle riders think that because they’re on a bike, because they’re afraid of getting their bike tipped over or rained on or merely because they’re small enough to fit in some spot (or maybe they’re just arrogant or lazy riders), that they can park wherever they want to. Sorry, no, you can’t.

At the sporting good store, a Moto Guzzi was parked in the handicapped area. You know how those spaces can be set up in the parking lot, with a wide space then lots of paint bordering things, leading into the middle, then through the median as a “cross-walk” so that people with wheelchairs can safely get around. Well, Mr. Moto Guzzi parked his bike right in the median break; no chance of a wheelchair getting through. Why does this bug me? Because I have a nephew in a wheelchair. I’ve had times when we’ve gone out and his van couldn’t be parked in a handicapped space because of people abusing handicapped parking hang-tags. Or in a case like this, the only way for a wheelchair bound person to get around would be to navigate through the parking lot instead of the designated lane. Not a safe and sound thing.

If you ride a motorcycle, don’t be an asshole. Park your bike in a proper parking spot. If you want special motorcycle-only parking, lobby for it.

Conversation I Overheard When I Returned Home

Wife: (Calls Youngest to come downstairs).

Youngest: (Eventually shows up).

Wife: Where were you?

Youngest: I was in my hamper.

Wife: You mean your clothes hamper? You were inside your hamper?

Youngest: Yes. I was sitting in it, clothes piled on top of me.

Wife:  Why were you doing that?

Youngest: I don’t know. It was comfy.

I’m not even going to try to understand it. I’m just going to chalk it up to some random cuteness. I later found out he decorated his hamper to look like a monster, so when you open the lid to put in your clothes it’s as if the monster is eating your clothing. Fair enough. 🙂

Tex Avery

I was just lamenting with a buddy of mine about how we have multiple cartoon TV channels dedicated to 24/7 cartoons, yet some of the best cartoons aren’t shown on them (much anymore). Things like the old Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoons. I do recall they used to have “The Tex Avery Show”, and it’s a shame that went away.

Tex Avery (or “Fred A-very” as Bugs once called him) is truly one of the best. This article (h/t to Fark) takes you on a tour through his cartooning career, and was a wonderful walk down memory lane. Tex’s cartoons always had the best gags, the most ridiculous but exciting pacing, just totally screwball. I may have watched his cartoons hundreds of times, but they still make me laugh because the jokes are just that good and just that well done. Many of the characters became who we know and love because of Tex.

One of my favorites was Screwy Squirrel. Shame he was only in five cartoons, but damn they’re good. Tex really took things to the extreme in them. 

Screwball Squirrel:


Big Heel-Watha:

The Screwy Truant (This has some of the best collection of gags. I love Screwy’s laugh at 4:56 and 5:28.):

Lonesome Lenny

Iggy and the Stooges tour rider

I love reading tour riders. Some are boring, some are just interesting, some demonstrate how “out of touch” the star is with the rest of the world, and then there’s the rider for Iggy and the Stooges which …. well, you’ll just have to go read it for yourself. Warning: not for the easily offended or those lacking a sense of humor.

Nyko Perfect Shot Review

Geez… I bought a Nyko Perfect Shot a few weeks ago and didn’t get to play with it until now. That’s how busy my life has been.

So how is it?

Continue reading

Creature Comforts

I recall hearing about this (I’m a fan of Aardman) but it slipped off my radar. Creature Comforts. A full episode online. Quite hilarious. The bull at about 4:50? I LOLd.

They did a great job with things. Some of the match-ups are hilarious.

Go watch. Laugh.

Updated: Watched it again, showing the wife and kids. The level of detail is great (e.g. the video game playing whatever he was… note the samuri sword on the back wall as a perfect touch for the scene). The juxtapositions are just so well done.

Google farts

Apparently Google thinks farts are funny.

Yes, I was Googling what you see there, and found Google’s “did you mean” suggestion funny. So of course, gotta blog about it. 😉

Nyko Perfect Shot for Wii

My mother bought the kids a Wii for Christmas. I have to admit, it’s a lot of fun. Growing up as a child of the video game age, we’ve come a long way from the Atari console’s “stick and one button” interface. Sure some Wii games aren’t very inventive in taking advantage of the platform, but most are and it’s neat to interact with games in a way that isn’t just button mashing.

I hear the kids downstairs playing on it right now, so on a whim I started to Google around to see what’s hot in Wii games right now. After a few clicks, I stumbled upon the Nyko Perfect Shot.

Want. Here’s an IGN review.

Nintendo makes their official Wii Zapper, but it pales. I mean look at the Perfect Shot: 1911-like styling; certainly more realistic in styling and ergonomics to a real pistol; the review reads like the trigger is pretty good; and look! Sights! That rules!

Oo… massive amounts of want.

But then, what game to get to go with it? Ghost Squad? Call of Duty: World at War? Medal of Honor Heros 2? Hrm…. 🙂

Updated: I caved. Went to the local GameStop and they had one in stock. Also a copy of Ghost Squad, which the guy working there (who has worked there a long time, has a trustworthy opinion regarding game stuff) said was a lot of fun. The game was even on sale this weekend, so bonus there. Didn’t cost me much for the two things. I haven’t played with it yet (got other things to do first), but I did take it out of the package and fondle it. The grip is very thick, probably to accomodate/balance the Wiimote’s size. I do like how they did the “pass-through” for the nunchuck. The trigger feels as good as you can expect for a little plastic contraption like this, but what tickled me was while it looks like a little pivot trigger, it actually slides back and forth just like a 1911 trigger would. Nifty. As soon as I get a chance to try it out, I’ll report back.

Fear of Girls

If you ever played a role-playing game, you’ll understand Fear of Girls.

I discovered it a few years ago, and every now and then I go back and watch because I find it hilarious. The guys that play Doug and Ray play their roles (!) extremely well. I thought the second episode was pretty funny and built well upon the first. I discovered today that they did a third episode, in three parts. I didn’t find it as funny as the first two, although it had some good moments and certainly worked to evolve the characters a bit more (e.g. we got to peek into Ray’s life). I do look forward to future episodes.

If you visit their YouTube channel you can view all the episodes along with outtakes, some of which are hilarious (e.g. episode 1 outtake 5).

Sugar, sweet sweet sugar

The wife and kids went grocery shopping. They come home, I go downstairs to see what goodies have been brought.

Seems the kids talked my wife into buying Kool-Aid and mini marshmallows.

How do I know this?

I see the children… mixing a purple powder in a glass… then adding marshmallows on top of it.

So… we have sugar drink topped with fluffy sugar pellets.

I think it’s time for the kids to go outside and run a few hundred laps around the house, eh?