2018-10-23 training log

That feeling of panic when you can’t find your phone. 🙂

Accidentally left my phone at home, so today’s session was best guessing. Turns out I lifted heavier than I was supposed to: was to do 200, 230, 255, but I did 225, 240, 255. Not really a big deal, but when it’s coupled with the Jokers, I think it is. I have hit 275 before no problem, and I did 285 for a PR last week — but it’s generally been touch and go. Today, my descents were slower and I made a point to pause the first rep of each set. And so the same with the Jokers: a definitive pause on the chest.

and the 285 went up great.

I’m happy with that. 285 last week touch-and-go, 285 this week paused. AND with a harder workup this time too. I take that all as good signs of progress.

That said, apart from the superset back work, it’s all I did. I guess I slept on my left shoulder weirdly and it wasn’t feeling great today. I could feel it as I worked up and was bracing myself for my body to say “stop”. I opted instead of the 175x10x3 to just do 135 for AMRAP and see. Well, I got to 12 and opted to stop because my shoulder was saying “OK, that’s enough”. Not in a bad way, just in a way of “why bother doing any more if it’s only going to make things annoyed and not better”. So I did, and skipped the remaining back work too.

No biggie. Next week is a 5s week and “light”.

Oh, on the rows. I’m holding weight at 100# and just cranking 10 reps/set. I realize my reps haven’t been quality, so I’m wanting to stay here a bit and clean up the reps.

5/3/1 (7th cycle, 3+/5/1+PR, Joker)

  • Bench Press
    • bar x 10
    • 115 x 5
    • 140 x 5
    • 170 x 3
    • 225 x 3
    • 240 x 3
    • 265 x 6
    • 275 x 1 (Joker, paused)
    • 285 x 1 (Joker, paused)
  • Face Pulls (superset with bench warm-up sets)
    • 85 x 15
    • 85 x 15
    • 85 x 15
    • 85 x 15
  • DB Rows (superset with bench work sets)
    • 100 x 10e
    • 100 x 10e
    • 100 x 10e