2018-08-20 training log

Well… today was disappointing.

I’m guessing this is a confidence issue. I know I wasn’t hitting depth. I felt like I wouldn’t get out of the hole. But also all the warm-up sets felt horrible. My problem knee has been feeling a little stiff. I feel like in the new racks that I don’t have the same cues so I’m second guessing myself. Grr. It’s all in my head.

So the top set didn’t get what it deserved. I felt I could have done a 5th, but honestly wasn’t confident and racked it. Afterwards I realized I should have done it.

During pause squats I videoed myself. I was not hitting depth so I fixed it. I have to remember that hitting depth will FEEL like depth — if I don’t feel like my ass is touching the ground, then I’m not. Granted I’m not that deep (not ATG), but it’s a mental cue.


Everything just felt off and horrible. I’m contemplating repeating this cycle to give myself more time to get my shit together. Not sure, because I still got more than the required reps, but we’ll see.

Cut a few things short today too. Got a late start, then spent some time talking with gym owner’s fiancé towards some improvements on the equipment. Good talk. But it still ate time, so I had to drop front plate raises and the bike time.


5/3/1 (4th cycle, leader-1, 5/3/1+PR sets)

  • Squat (superset with band pullaparts)
    • bar x 5
    • 140 x 5
    • 175 x 5
    • 205 x 3
    • 240 x 3
    • 275 x 3
    • 310 x 4 (ugh)
  • Pause Squats
    • 240 x 3
    • 240 x 3
    • 240 x 3
    • 240 x 3
    • 240 x 3
  • 1-Leg Leg Press
    • sled x 20e
    • sled x 20e
    • sled x 20e
  • Reverse Curls
    • 20 x 10
    • 70 x 12
    • 70 x 11
    • 70 x 9